8th Jul 2003, 14:26

I drive the new discovery and I have to say it is the best motor I have ever owned and I have had a lot of cars. It is a bit of a tank, but what would you like to be in at a 50mph crash a tank or a cardboard box because that's what mpv's are. sl

10th Oct 2003, 11:59

I have a 1995 Disco 2.5 tdi, it has done 135,000 miles and it is in fantastic shape does everything we need it to, pulls horses and boats no probs, if you don't like your Disco, sell it!

3rd Aug 2005, 10:19

I also have just bought myself a Discovery 2.5Tdi from 1995 and people should know that this is a GREAT car and only those who like to speed on and drive always in the left lane (you know who...) would rather have a standard everyday MPV, they are all becoming the same thing, similar shapes and engines...dull.

I for one love this car and for me the glorious days of cars were around the 1994 to 1997 and so. And I would never trade in my reliable and "war-machine" Discovery 2.5Tdi for any new SUV or MPV.

21st Dec 2005, 02:13

Hi everyone.

I love this site as I can get more real info than a car dealer. I am looking at getting a 94 tdi with about 113000kms on the clock. looks clean. I am currently driving a 98 magna, but am looking for a safer vehicle as my wife is expecting. I am hoping to get good fuel economy (not synonymous with Land rover). Please advise.



16th Sep 2006, 18:17

In answer to your question, I've swapped from a 1.3 petrol Astra estate to a 2.5 diesel Land rover Discovery and the fuel consumption is almost exactly the same. Not bad for a big 4X4.

23rd Nov 2006, 13:35

Well, there was something seriously wrong with your Astra then.

3rd Feb 2007, 20:57

I'm from Australia, and I have to say, the Discovery is a solid drive even for out-backing. And I'm pretty sure the stats on the 94 Discovery 2.5LTDi says something like 8.5L/100km. That's amazing for a 4X4. Compared to 14L/100km for a Toyota Land Cruiser of the same era. The only downside is the lack of grunt on the Discovery. But I'm not drag racing. I'm out-backing - and the discovery does the job.

16th Jul 2007, 07:13

I've just purchased a 93 tdi as a drive car and to go exploring on weekends. It's a bit of a truck, especially with the gearbox. Two questions:

Why does it hop all over the road? and Can I start off in 2nd gear? (1st is a bit tedious)