1994 Land Rover Discovery tdi 2.9 TDi from UK and Ireland


Beats all those MPV's


Nothing really...It's cost me £300.00 a year to service and MOT and that's it.

The odd bulb or fuse.

As for wear and tear, well the front drivers seat is showing signs of wear, carpets are a little stained, but I have two kids, and it was used as a truck while we renovated 2 houses.

General Comments:

I love this car, no matter what I throw at it, it does the job.

Need 7 seats for my kids and their friends... No problem.

No to carry 150 paving slabs without breaking the suspension... No problem.

No to take the whole family to Europe for the weekend... No problem.

Want to take the kids out biking without the hassle of fitting a bike rack... No problem.

Want to feel great cause you know the Landrover make the worlds best Off Roaders... No problem.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2002

23rd Apr 2003, 14:49

Don't make me laugh, they are about as quick as a Lada. That 2.5L v6 is so underpowered a 1.4L Renault Scenic could beat it.

Stick to MPV's, at least they are quicker. And more comfortable and don't sound or go like a tank. MPV's rule.

7th Jun 2003, 21:12

< that 2.5L V6 is so underpowered >

That would be the Freelander then.

< MPV's rule >

And the fun factor is??

1994 Land Rover Discovery V8i automatic 3.5 V8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Starter motor failed and battery charge regulator failed twice during cold snaps, one resulting in being stranded (Xmas 97) - second failure was identical to first and only a week after the local authorised dealer had fixed it (for a hefty price).

Persistent fault with engine management system resulting in stalling at low revs and on one occasion engine cut out completely at 70mph in fast lane of M40, with child on board. And the rain gutter trims fall off at 70mph on all models, it appears. Otherwise fine.

General Comments:

Good chunky car you can take anywhere. Sadly, as this is the second one I've owned, Land Rover have had problems with "Friday cars" and this is one example - my first Discovery (a V8i manual) I had for three years without a hitch.

Notoriously thirsty, and at £55 per petrol stop it all adds up, but this is compensated for by brisk pace. A two-ton GTi around town, if that's what you want, or just a good family bus you can drive across fields on the way to point-to-pointing or down to the beach, if you prefer. Just a pity that quality control has been patchy. Not sure whether I'd get another one of these, but I still have great confidence in Land Rover as a marque.

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Review Date: 18th February, 1998

1994 Land Rover Discovery TDi 3dr turbo diesel injection from UK and Ireland


Needed three tachos before one worked properly. Nothing went wrong mechanically.

General Comments:

Land Rover aren't wrong to call it the best 4X4 so far.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 1997