1998 Land Rover Freelander Diesel 2.0 turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Expensive, but worth the money


First Speed on Fan stopped.

Some internal trimming is poorly fitted and comes loose.

Some oil leaks.

Hill hold stopped working due to a broken wire by gear leaver.

General Comments:

I like it, though it is a bit small in the boot.

Very economical.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2002

1998 Land Rover Freelander XEI S-WAGON petrol from UK and Ireland


A huge change from my little zippy Peugeot 205. However my reasons for choosing this car was that I found it comfortable to drive, especially when driving long distances and it is a real mud and snow fiend.

However, since the day I collected it, it has spent more times at the dealership then out of it. Now that it is out of warranty I just pray nothing really goes wrong as it could be costly to repair. I have to keep a look out in the rear view mirror as I drive along incase something flies off it. I have thought of just pushing it off Beachy Head, but I need it and cannot afford to buy anything else at the moment.

1) On day one the so called skilled technicians damaged the body work whilst fitting the step on the driver's side, it had to be sent to the body shop for repair.

2) Tyres wore out after only 18,000. I had to change the pressure and make of the tyres to ensure they lasted longer.

3) After 24,000 the head gasket blew.

4) Acceleration was not satisfactory for about 6 months and this was continually being monitored by the garage. They eventually managed to tweak the right thing to sort it out.

5) Air conditioning was not functioning properly for a long time and when we did have a heat-wave I had a lovely water feature inside the car one that Charlie Dymock would have been proud of!

6) The display on the radio faded away and the speakers were not connected properly. This took a few attempts to sort out.

7) The lockable storage box in the rear floor became an aquarium for a few goldfish! and despite numerous attempts at rectifying the problem, including the replacement of the rubber seal on the back door not once, but twice, the problem still persists. I am now growing a selection of beautiful fungal cultures in there, I can't use it for much else.

8) The wiring on the drivers window was faulty for a while and it wouldn't close properly.

9) The Clutch had a habit of smoldering when using forward and reverse gears whilst parking. This was eventually replaced altogether.

10) The rear wiper blade gave up working and a new motor was fitted.

11) The driver's door mirror was vibrating for a long time until the dealership replaced it. I kept getting a headache every time I tried to use it.

12) The Sun Roof leaked initially and has just recently broken altogether and remained locked in the open position just before a few days of torrential rain came upon us. I had to gently close it as I couldn't get it booked in to be repaired for at least 14 days.

13) It has had a series of recall notices served on one part or another. I have lost track of all of these. I am sure most of the car has been replaced by now.

14) It has been used extensively in the Alps and unfortunately it is a nightmare to get going after a heavy frost. I have to apply Vaseline to the inside of all of the windows including the tailgate to prevent fuses blowing as we try to open the back door. Once the car is warmed up and de-frosted it is great to drive in the snow, but getting it going is a pain.

15) The exhaust has broken in half at only 50,000 miles.

16) A spring clip widget thing went in the clutch on New Year's 2000, this meant the clutch pedal would not remain in the normal position so it was very difficult to press it down to change gears. Land Rover Assistance rapidly became Land Rover Un-assistance when I called them. I called out the RAC in stead!

17) And the dealership? well all words and QA certificates, but no action or results. They return the car clean on the outside, but covered with greasy marks on the inside. I have written and called and spoken to the manager to no avail. They live in a world of their own!

General Comments:

An expensive mistake perhaps?

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Review Date: 9th July, 2002

29th Apr 2003, 10:42

What else do you get, when you buy a petrol 4x4, especially Land Rover. Try a diesel, much more friendlier.