15th Sep 2007, 21:28

To update this information: the dealership who currently has the Freelander called to chastise me for putting the wrong battery in the vehicle. Stated it was the wrong size and model and told me I should have checked before putting it in. Also told me that the manifold needed replaced and they had to order the part in. He would not know what else was wrong until he replaced the battery and manifold and got full power to the engine. He would call me back when the car was ready.

I explained that the battery had been installed at a LR dealership and all of the other problems with the Freelander. I was told that he would get the technicians to look into the issues and call me back when they had answers. I have not heard back.

I have not received any refund toward the $1,800.00+ that I paid out for rentals and cab fare. I submitted the original receipts to LR Roadside Assistance as directed.

I am into the third week of this rental and have gone over the limit on my credit card with charges for rentals. Meanwhile, I continue to make car payments on a vehicle I have no use of.

LR constumer service never returned my calls.

I am compiling my information and hiring legal representation as all efforts to resolve issues with LR without an attorney have failed.

18th Feb 2008, 20:27

Good luck. My 2002 transmission was replaced at 45000 miles & the engine at 52000. This is common in all Freelanders. Dump your Freelander before it costs more Buy a Yugo it is more reliable.

31st Aug 2009, 12:49

I was going to buy a Freelander, but after reading these comments, I've decided not to. Thank you, truly appreciated!!!

2nd Nov 2012, 08:24

This is only common if you drive the petrol automatic version. The BMW diesel engine is great, as is the manual box.