4th Sep 2003, 00:01

The Freelander is garbage. My parents own one and the trouble that we have with it is endless. The heating is so pathetic there is no point even trying to turn it on even when the engine is warm. We recently acquired a subaru forester. The Subaru is better in every way shape and form. It is more nimble, faster accelerating, more comfortable and better value for money than the freelander. Too bad Landrover you make crap cars.

8th Jan 2005, 14:29

The Freelander was the worst car I ever owned, in regards to build quality and reliability. In the first year of ownership, it had no fewer than 27 trips to the shop for work, luckily carried out under warranty. I started to get very nervous, and traded this piece of RUBBISH for a new Nissan X-trail, and took a pounding on the resale. I've done some 62000km on the Nissan without any problems.

I wouldn't recommend this car to my worst enemy.

19th Jul 2007, 10:37

What I find disturbing about my 2002 U.S. Freelander is the fact that problems with this car are ALL the same for almost ALL owners. Peruse the forums as you will see almost everyone complaining about disappearing dexcool coolant, cracked coolant reservoir, leaking heater core, failing JATCO transmissions and breaking sunroofs. The front brakes wear out in city driving every 8-10 month's and a host of other predictable and systematic problems make this the biggest lemon SUV to date in modern history. With such a poor track record and the horribly slow LR dealer service my advice..., if you own a Freelander get rid of it while it still runs. If you plan on buying one, get a second Freelander for parts, you will need it. Should you keep your Freelander, start to save at least $9000 for future repairs, you will surely need the money. This SUV will fail in very alarming ways.

30th Jul 2007, 19:20

Wish I had seen this info before. I would have sold mine since it looks so good, and I always got nice comments.

Well, I'm driving on cruise at 70mph, just getting out of the exit ramp, and I smell like everything is burning up...

That was my engine, now I'm looking for a used one to put in my great looking Freelander - So I can maybe sell it.

See - it looks so good...