2002 Land Rover Freelander ES 2.0 from UK and Ireland





Rear window.

Side window.

Central locking.

Air con.

Radio speakers.

General Comments:

The BMW diesel engine attracted me to the Freelander. After a short ownership, that's all you are left with. The rest of the vehicle components seem to fail around it.

The engine is quite nippy, but the gear change is jerky and the ride is like a boat.

Fuel consumption is high due to the permanent 4WD.

The main problem is build quality, which is horrendous unfortunately. I will stick with German and Japanese in future. Land Rover just cannot compete.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2016

1st Jun 2016, 23:17

Not sure what reviews you have missed, but whatever convinced you a Landy of this type/era would be anything but unreliable?

Had a neighbour with a Freelander petrol - in the 4 years he had it, the car had an annual MOT and head gasket change. The electronic components were a joke and the dealers were awful - I guess worn down with disgruntled customers who come back time after time once they have made a sale.

If you want a car that's like a car - buy a car - a 4x4 is not for you. If you want a 4x4, accept there will be compromises in the driving dynamics, but in either event, avoid Landies from pre-2015 if you want to enjoy motoring.

2002 Land Rover Freelander TD4 S 5 door 2.0L turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Liked this car, but expensive to repair


Back seat, when folded flat, would not return to upright.

Fuel injector failure.

Electric window winder failure.

Another electric window winder failure.

Another fuel injector failure.

Third electric window winder failure.

Clutch failure at 98.000.

Needed a complete rear light assembly, for the sake of a replacement indicator bulb.

General Comments:

Did actually like this car, and it towed my caravan with ease.

Expensive to repair, when things go wrong.

Rear seat assembly replaced under warranty eventually, after the dealer supplied the wrong part three times.

An injector failed, and left us needing a tow in. Cost to me, over £400.

The electric windows start to fail; to replace these, it will cost you around £150 each for your passenger doors. If the one on the back door goes, that will set you back over £200.

Another injector cost me over £300 when I broke a contact while replacing an indicator bulb. No problem thinks I, just get another bulb holder?.

Sorry sir, we don't sell bulb holders... but we can sell you a complete light... Oh and that will be around £50.

Now I don't have a problem replacing the clutch at 98,000 miles. What I do have is a problem with the cost of doing so. £1,700 at the dealers, or £1.500 at a 4-4 repairers.

My TD4, has now been sold. I won't be buying another one.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2010

3rd Dec 2011, 01:32

I agree. I bought a 2002 Land Rover Freelander in KY in 2005. This has been nothing but a headache. I replaced the transmission/engine/heater coil. The coil was causing coolant to be dumped into the floorboard, and now the SRS light will not go off.

I am active duty military, just stationed in Germany, and I can't even pass their vehicle inspection because of the SRS light. I am forced to go to the dealer and pay their astronomical prices. Do not buy, and I wish I could join a group of people with a good attorney to do a class action against this manufacturer.

Any suggestions on the SRS light?

My advice: Run the other way screaming if you are thinking of buying this vehicle.

2002 Land Rover Freelander from North America


The new mechanic said, "It's not worth fixing, just drive until it dies."


I have an 02 Freelander.

I have it serviced at the dealer for all required services. They did some warranty work when I first got it, but the results were always questionable. Nothing has ever really been fixed.

The car clunks in the back when accelerating. Everyone says U joints, dealer said they didn't know, but it wasn't that, not U joints.

Coolant smell with defrost. Everyone said water pump, but was the thermostat. Replaced the thermostat for over $1500 to find that when the dealer did warranty work on replacing intake manifold gaskets, a repair was not made; had original seals. Still has coolant leak smell. Was told the pressure test could blow additional things, so not to do it.

It just started leaking oil. Luckily I checked (no oil on the dipstick at all) but no oil light came on.

'Needs Service' light is on, and so it won't pass emissions, and after dealing with faulty codes forever, finally got a waiver.

I also take issue with the wire for the airbag under the passenger seat, so I drive around with the airbag light on too.

Rear right passenger window works intermittently.

Rear window always freezes and I can't open the tailgate. It appears to be bad design.

Not so happy with it being listed as a "cash for clunkers vehicle" and severely destroying any resale value left.

General Comments:

I really like the off road AWD features, including the down hill assist and the front window defrost here for the snow.

It has never left me stranded.

It rides rough. You can't hear anyone talking in the back, even without the A/C on.

My paint is fine and it's outside a lot. No problems with the mirrors either as some reviewers have mentioned.

Definitely not the fine luxury European automobile it is perceived to be.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2010

4th Jun 2011, 21:30

Same thing with my 02 Freelander... Please do not waste your money on this kind of truck...