2002 Land Rover Freelander S 2.5 from North America


A good choice if you don't mind it being unreliable


Butterfly valve stuck.

Engine misfires commonly.

Left front axle broke for no apparent reason.

Breaks and discs always wear unevenly.

Power windows motor dead.

Coolants being lost every couple thousand miles.

General Comments:

It gives you a nice look around you because the seat is positioned high.

Handles well in snow.

Probably the most money hungry dealers you'll ever encounter.

The AC/heater fan is very noisy.

On cold mornings the engine makes a tractor noise until it gets heated properly, which takes a lifetime.

Overall fun to drive and it also makes you feel more special because it's not a very common car, however it's not reliable and very expensive to fix.

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Review Date: 29th February, 2008

2002 Land Rover Freelander S V6 from North America


Unreliable, Underpowered, Expensive to operate


Repeated electrical problems - door locking system, power windows.

Recurring overheating, coolant leaks.

Never did get the AC to perform adequately.

General Comments:

Reasonably good handling and seating comfort.

Under-achieving air conditioning that seems best suited to autumn in the UK.

The fuel economy of a performance vehicle combined with the performance of an economy vehicle.

Expensive scheduled maintenance.

I have never owned a vehicle that spent so much time in the shop.

To add insult to injury, Land Rover wanted to charge me $750 for a 3/4" ding in the plastic bumper cover when the lease was up.

Confirms every cliche about British automotive reliability and build quality.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2007

2002 Land Rover Freelander from North America




77000 coolant leak

78000 need new engine.

General Comments:

Worst car EVER

Land Rover does nothing to help satisfy its consumers... a total money pit...14,000 spent in two years in servicing on a car that has no value what so ever. Still owe 10000 on it!

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Review Date: 15th May, 2007

2002 Land Rover Freelander from North America


Don't buy a freelander!


Air conditioning 3x fixed each time while under warranty.. now for over 2 years the air has been broken.

Rear windows won't work.

Sunroof won't work.

Outside paint above windshield has flaked off to the size of a basketball.

Inside interior on roof has come off.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2007

2002 Land Rover Freelander SE V6 from North America


This is a very capable off-road vehicle loaded with many features not found in domestic SUVs


Purchased the car used with two problems:

Moonroof clicked when opening and closing.

Passenger power window had a few issues.

Both of these problems were corrected at the local Land Rover dealership with no questions asked.

Have had no problems with the car since then.

General Comments:

The vehicle has performed very well for me since purchased.

It is extremely rugged and does all that Land Rover advertised it to do.

I wouldn't mind a little more power. I think this would increase fuel efficiency on the Freelander. The little V-6 works very hard to pull the SUV around. Forty more horsepower would let the car relax a little. Turbo or supercharge this thing!!!

The interior is very comfortable though I do agree with some owners about the center armrest being very flimsy and cheap.

The leather is holding up great. No complaints there.

Maintenance is expensive at the dealership, but, this isn't a Chevy or Ford. People that complain about maintenance costs for upscale vehicles should probably be buying Chevy, Dodge, Ford, or Kia products.

Harmon Kardon stereo really rocks!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 19th August, 2006

3rd Sep 2006, 10:52

So an underpowered engine and outrageous costs for maintenence are what make this vehicle better then American SUV's??! If those are the type of "features" "not found in domestic SUV's", then I'll take my American SUV anyday.

14th Oct 2008, 18:28

I agree with the Land Rover Freelander SE owners. I purchased my 2002 LandRover Freelander SE with 67500 miles. This is the best money I have ever spent on a vehicle.

My local Land Rover dealership is very receptive and caring, and always ready to help. I bought my car from an non-Land Rover dealer. That specific dealership is one in a million. The staff explained the operation of the vehicle, helped me in all ways possible.

I am very pleased with my vehicle. I was told that my 2002 Land Rover SE is one of the first Freelanders they made in the V6.

It is easy to get in and out of the vehicle. The leather is in very good condition for a 2002, the overall interior of the vehicle is a pleasure to sit and be comfortable.

The overall outlook of the paint and the body style of the 2002 FreeLander SE is very attractive. I feel it's better than any of the SUVs in it's class that is on the market to date.

I agree it's very expensive to do maintenance, but if the vehicle is abused and not taken care of, of course you will have problems. I have never had any problems with mine so far. Everything checks out pretty good.

I plan on purchasing another Land Rover and will keep Land Rovers in my family. I have owned and driven all the other makes and models of different vehicles, but prefer a Land Rover to be in my garage. I just love the feel and security when I drive my Land Rover.

Thanks for reading. Maybe you should own one too.

Dolly Lall.