2002 Land Rover Freelander HSE from North America


This vehicle is a LEMON


The sunroof has been replaced twice.

The radio has broken three/four times. It was actually broken before I bought it.

One window broke while down.

The vehicle has trouble shifting from first to second gear which the service center can't seem to fix.

I was told I had to get new brake pads and new rooters after just 20,000 miles. The price was outrageous and I got resurfaced rooters not replacements.

The 24,000 mile service is a $400 oil change that you have to leave the car for two days to get completed. Yet somehow that money doesn't cover new wiper blades.

A simple car wash seems to cause the radio to malfunction, I don't know if it's from the water what.

General Comments:

You have to wait days or weeks for an appointment with service. when you do get an appointment they make you wait a long time to get the problem written up. Even a simple service call will take days to fix.

One time they even lost my car on their lot for over an hour.

The service waiting room was dirty. Frequently the car comes back dirtier then when you left it. One car wash they gave my vehicle was hardly more than a damp cloth rubbing the dust around which cause huge permanant swirls in the paint. When the sunroof was replaces my interior was covered in grease that was rubbed into the grain on the leather.

When I took my car in to get the radio fixed, I was told I was replaced. However it wasn't. It had the same radio code as before. The service employees where extremely rude. Without a doubt the rudest person I have ever had to deal with ever.

I now have to take my car far away to get a decent service center.

At one point I was given a handful of fuses by a service manager for the car since they so frequently blew out.

The warranty length is very short which is a major concern since it has problems just about monthly.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2006

2002 Land Rover Freelander S 2.5V6 petrol from North America


Fine car, but high risk of failure and expensive to service and repair


Head gasket failure at 57400 miles.

Local LR-only dealer that does not offer loaner cars for owners that did not buy from them, despite spending $2500US over a 2.5 year period.

Head gasket failure was $5700US repair cost! Occurred after warranty expired so no sympathy from the dealer or the Product Service Rep. LRNA gave us some consideration.

There are lots of opinions about the head gasket failure - nearly all blaming LR for failing to address the problem.

The whole experience has left a sour taste in our mouth - not going to buy from LR again, partially due to LR and partially due to dealer attitude (condescending).

Dealer explained the failure was a collapsed coolant hose from the heater core. According to them, the hoses were recommended to be changed at 48K miles (within warranty) but were only recommended and NOT covered by warranty. Very convenient to blame a failure on an optional service job.

General Comments:

We thoroughly enjoyed owning and operating this Freelander for 45000 miles. We purchased it based on the LR reputation for reliability and expected to own it for over a decade. It may be slightly underpowered, but it offers decent gas mileage and comfort, a solid feel, and technical features (AWD, hill descent control) that make it appealing.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2006

2002 Land Rover Freelander HSE 2.5 from North America


Land Rover Could do Better


Shift Cable went out 3days after purchasing had to be towed in.

Smell of Antifreeze in vehicle - Heater Core was replaced at 24,000 miles.

Rear taillights quit working at 20,000.

Brakes every 12,000 miles.

Engine makes knocking noise when starting.

Sunroof track replaced at 22,000.

General Comments:

This is primarily my wifes vehicle however I am in charge of maintaining it. We decided to purchase it instead of an escape or liberty. The vehicle does not accelerate fast at all, but we knew this upon purchasing the vehicle. The $400.00 services every 12,000 miles are a little pricey.

One main problem I have with the vehicle is that it makes a knocking noise from the engine every time it is started cold. I am worried as my warranty expires in a couple thousand miles if I should still keep it, due to service and parts being so pricey.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2005