2006 Land Rover LR3 SE V6 Ford Cologne V6 from North America


Reliable, capable, comfortable


Transmission kind of shifts funky between 1st/2nd gear sometimes. The trans fault code comes up every so often too. My shop (a LR specialist) says it's probably a solenoid on the fritz or it's just dirty (there are ~6 solenoids IIRC on the LR3), as the ATF checks out OK and it's 'lifetime' fluid anyway. 99% of the time the trans shifts fine.

The rear hatch opening mechanism snapped right before a long road trip, literally, right as it was closed after packing up the car. That was an expensive and difficult repair.

California sun induced paint cancer and cracks on the dash around the passenger airbag.

Normal wear & tear items.

General Comments:

This thing runs like a clock. I got a good one, the previous owners took good care of it and I take it to the same LR specialist they used. I think mine is a stripper model, as there's no NAV, no heated seats, etc. but it does have the nice Harmon Kardon sound system. The Ford V6 they put in this just keeps going, it's only slightly down on power compared to the V8, so it's adequate for me. The 4WD system is super slick and works like a charm. Leather upholstery is holding up just fine. It's a really comfortable ride, and I think they're kind of underrated, because of the reputation LR has had in the past. Ford really turned them around when they owned LR.

Maintenance is on the higher side, obviously. Fuel economy sucks, no better than the V8 AFAIK. I'm used to driving cars that need more work and care, more often, this thing is practically boring in that sense, i.e. it's not a constant wallet drainer! It just goes and doesn't complain.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2019

15th Jan 2021, 20:07

These were very troublesome vehicles. Just read on forums https://landroverforums.com/forum/lr3-28/my-many-issues-my-2005-lr3-3552/

30th Dec 2022, 07:06

^ Sounds like he got a lemon.

Original reviewer update: 117k on the clock now, and the engine/transmission are still in good shape. I've been driving it less but still kept up with the maintenance. The slipping transmission was getting a little worse so I had the fluid changed, it's better now but not completely gone...'lifetime' fluid is a lie.

I've had to replace a broken windshield and sunroof (victims of rocks & birds) - brand new glass was hilariously expensive, so I found some from a donor/parts car that I had a glass shop install. Turns out they kind of trashed the A pillar covers in the process, as one nearly flew off driving through windy Tehachapi.

One of the sunroof drain tubes was clogged (with 16 years of crud and probably glass bits from the smashed sunroof), so there was a leak up there during multiple days of constant rain that fried the radio (with CDs trapped inside), water pooled in the passenger foot well (parked on a slight downward angle). Common problem that can be solved by blowing the tube out or replacing it.

The clear coat continues to flake off. More cracks in the dash. The 4.0 V6 needs premium, so fuel costs in the last year have been painful. I keep telling myself that all the money dumped into this thing is still cheaper than replacing it. It's starting to remind me of a former Volkswagen I had where the car is starting to crumble even though it keeps going just fine. If something else major fails in the next year then I'll consider letting it go.

At the shop I use, I saw a nearly identical LR3 there for service that looked like hell, and had ~300k on it, but was still running fine (lots of off roading and 100% stock), so there's that.

2005 Land Rover LR3 HSE from North America


Great SUV if you can afford it


Hatch support weld broke, not under warranty.

Tires replaced every 25-30k miles.

Air suspension failed.

Rear hatch lock disabled, won't open.

Rear seat pockets ripped.

Seat warmers disabled.

Rear wiper inoperable.

Brakes replaced twice.

Trailer wiring faulty.

Sun/moon roof leaks.

General Comments:

Of all the faults listed, none were under warranty, and all Land Rover repairs were very costly when compared to previous and other current vehicles. I probably won't get another Land Rover, despite enjoying the ride and feel of the vehicle. Perhaps a different dealership would be better, but right now I just want to leave it on the side of the road.

If you are looking at one, budget just as much for repairs each month as you would a normal car payment.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2010