1993 Land Rover Range Rover Classic Vogue LSE 4.2 from UK and Ireland


Delighted to be able to own such a car


Faulty air suspension sensor, resulting in the EAS going into fault mode. I repaired the faulty sensor and reset the suspension using a laptop.

Electric window guide rail corroded; replacement part sourced and fitted.

Some under body corrosion exists, and whilst treated for now, will require further work in the future.

Transmission oil cooler corroded, resulting in a loss of fluid. New part fitted to remedy this.

The transfer box viscous coupling has seized, producing symptoms akin to driving with a diff lock on. I've removed the front prop shaft to enable the car to still be driven for now, pending replacement of the VCU.

General Comments:

The purchase of my Range Rover Classic followed an almost life long desire to own such a car.

It was bought as a project, however the car remains roadworthy and is a pleasure to own and drive.

The presence the car generates is immense, and I often receive comments praising its general appearance, with the car driving and handling just how a Range Rover should.

Unusually for a car of this age, I often find myself driving faster than I initially realised... for example, 60 mph feels like 50 mph.

My car has an LPG conversion with the 80 litre tank housed in the spare wheel recess, however as it is more of a third car in the household, it always gets run on petrol, with the LPG available if required.

The bodywork is at a stage where corrosion has set in, though mainly to unseen areas, but my plans are to have the corrosion remedied next year. It will be quite an extensive job with what I have in mind.

The VCU failure was an unwelcome (but fairly common) surprise, however this is a remarkably simple part to replace (2 hours labour), though the part itself is relatively expensive. From the many specialists, an OEM part can be sourced for less than half the price of the genuine Land Rover item, but there is the option to replace the item with a second hand item.

The interior remains a very pleasant place to be, and the driving position allows for an excellent view of the road.

These cars can be quite expensive to own and maintain, but I'm limiting costs by attending to faults myself where possible, and by carefully sourcing where I buy new parts from, though I don't tend to scrimp on my cars! If you're not careful however, you could find your dream turns into a money pit, so be warned.

For the age of the car, I still feel I've 'arrived' when behind the wheel, and I would strongly recommend anyone that has desired a Range Rover Classic to just go out on a limb and buy one. You only live once!!

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Review Date: 21st November, 2013

1993 Land Rover Range Rover Vogue 3.9 V8 from UK and Ireland


Set your budget for one of these, and add 50% to get a decent one


Starter motor stopped working at 144000.

Won't start at all at 144000.

General Comments:

I bought this car off a guy that had too many. It has LPG, so why not I thought. Came with history, so a chance... didn't pay much... I drove it home and was all good... drove very well... put it on my drive to get it MoTed the week after. Tried to start it and nothing. All lights went on, but no cranking. Finally after 3 weeks of working on it, it turned out to be a cable on the starter engine. Why it stopped working, no idea?

Got the MoT, and the day I wanted to drive it to work. Guess what... engine cranks but nothing happens... WTF...

After reading about Range Rover, I found out they seem to be one of the more unreliable cars around. So many factory mistakes in it, it is almost funny. I know I got the car cheap and shouldn't complain, but for a car to work one day and not the next is weird, and probably states that buying a British car isn't the best.

Will keep plugging along, but in between, nothing beats my old Citroen ZX diesel...

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Review Date: 26th August, 2011