1993 Land Rover Range Rover LSE 4.2V8 from UK and Ireland


A comfortable powerful machine, and a privilege to have one


Air suspension has been replaced.

Exhaust changed in January 2007.

Battery leaked; the battery metal guard which holds it stable had been left out by a mechanic, so I had to buy a new battery in July 2007.

Touched up rust to the tailgate.

General Comments:

This car is power on wheels! I love it!

It is quick off the mark, leaving others standing!

The air conditioning works and keeps me cool.

Other cars give me room like they want to keep away from the car.

Funny thing I have noticed is that people don't toot at you. Is it because they can't see what's in front of me that may be causing a problem?

I get a lot of envious looks from blokes. As you can tell, I am a woman driving a power machine.

So much room in the car. My son loves to stretch out in it. He loves it too.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2007

13th Jan 2011, 15:03

I have a 1992 Range Rover Country.

I love it! My son's and his friend's bikes fit on it, just fold the back seats.

I am a woman too!


1993 Land Rover Range Rover Vogue LSE 3.9 from Australia and New Zealand


Affordable luxury with grunt


Power steering piping leak.

Air conditioner pump died long ago.

Rear inertia seat belts break easily.

Ride height sensor failed at 193K.

General Comments:

Value for money is all you get when you purchase one of these units. We have had nothing but good driving, apart from the minor failures that will occur to any vehicle that is 10 years old. Keep it serviced and it will look after you.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2003

1993 Land Rover Range Rover Vogue SE 3.9 EFI from UK and Ireland


A motoring experience not to be missed


Rear O/S ride-height sensor failed at 98,000 miles.

Cruise-control system failed at 100,000 miles.

Air-conditioning compressor is now noisy.

Both front swivel joints were making a clicking noise when turning.

When inspected they were found to be dry. This was picked up when I had it serviced and was put down to poor maintenance by the previous owner. They were re-greased and appear to be fine now.

Power-seats operate intermittently!

General Comments:

I always wanted to own a Range-Rover. A superbly smooth, powerful engine. Very rewarding to drive, with a commanding view of the road, and a comfortable cabin. although the driving position makes my right foot ache sometimes on long journeys. It is not a cheap car to run by any means, but certainly worth the expense. I personally prefer the looks of the classic Range-Rover, but will upgrade to the newer model in due course.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2003

1993 Land Rover Range Rover LSE 4.2 from UK and Ireland


Newer does not mean better


So far this is the most unreliable car I've had.

So far,

It has had to have a new Engine as the liner cracked.

The Transfer box has jammed.

The electric seat work when they feel like it.

The air suspension is problematic too.

General Comments:

This car was to replace a n 1985 model, but I have kept this so far as I cannot trust the LSE.

My 85 runs on LPG, but there is no room to fit the tanks under the LSE and as it uses petrol as if it was going out of fashion I am thinking of getting rid.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2002

17th Feb 2004, 16:44

So, it's a big car - you knew that. I have one too (LSE). Petrol is a small cost to run this great 4x4!

1st Jan 2005, 08:27

I have an L Reg L.S.E and it has LPG with two torpedo tanks under the body, Only problem with the car is it loses water a little too frequently, about two pints every hundred miles or so.

It had a replacement engine in 2002 so hopefully nothing serious although there are no visible signs where water is coming from, I am suspecting the head to be porous.

Otherwise a fantastic car with great ride and road presence, will buy another one, Superb!

2nd Mar 2005, 12:53

I Have a 93 LSE and can honestly say it is the most reliable and easily the best car I have ever owned. Sure petrol can be a drain on ones wallet, but try buying a first class train ticket every time you or your family wish to travel.

1993 Land Rover Range Rover Vogue LSE 4.2 V8 from Sweden


In a class of its own


Upper tailgate needs to be changed. Classic and absolutely ridiculous problem with all xlassic Range Rovers.

Recommended factory tires not very adapted to high heat index.

Prone to rust attacks in the joints etc.

General Comments:

This car is the ultimate 4WD. Handles great, lots of power and torque, excellent in terrain and on road, VERY comfortable, and the best part of it... all other 4WD owners always want to defend their mark vs. the Range Rover!!!

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2001

1993 Land Rover Range Rover LSE 4.2 V8i from UK and Ireland


In a field of its own


The only fault that has occured during ownership has been an air suspension pump that failed two days after I bought it. This was repaired by the garage I bought it from for no extra cost. Recently had a new head gasket fitted but no drama.

General Comments:

If you can afford to put petrol in the thing (19mpg max) there is nothing else to touch it. 4.2V8 is awesome (0-60in 9.0sec). air suspension is very clever and handles very well for such a tall car. Will go anywhere offroad (4x4, diffs, traction control etc).

It is top of the range and has every extra you could ever want.

Very capable vehicle and no longer expensive to buy. Running costs are no higher than any other luxury vehicle if they are looked after.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2000