2007 Land Rover Range Rover from North America


Way overpriced, luxury junk


Leaky sunroof. Dealer wanted almost $2000 for a new one, since "it cannot be fixed".

Hood lock is terrible. First, it would not lock in the cold, then it opened right up on the highway by itself.

Parts are very expensive. The vehicle is overloaded with electronics and sensors. Too complicated, and therefore too problematic.

General Comments:

Good looking.

Comfortable, but very noisy for the car of this class. Ridiculously expensive to to maintain and own.

Land Rover is DEAD. There will never be another high quality LR. It is all in the past.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 9th February, 2012

23rd Aug 2012, 07:07

I worked for a company that had 8 Range Rover Vogues on lease. Every year, when they had done about 50,000 miles, they were changed for new ones. Over the 4 years that I worked there, they had 32 different Range Rovers, and only a handful did not end up on a flatbed truck due to suspension, transfer case and engine management troubles.