23rd Aug 2012, 18:31

My father works as a National Trust volunteer (in eastern England) and all the 4X4s he sees are Japanese ones. They are not the equal of a Land Rover / Range Rover off-road (although the Daihatsu Fourtrak came close), but reliability and dealer support matters more when you rely on a vehicle for a living.

24th Aug 2012, 14:04

These seem popular with realtors for image. The problem is they were expensive to maintain.

15th Feb 2013, 09:15

What good is offroading capability if you break down in the middle of nowhere, and here in Australia there is an awful lot of nowhere to break down in.

15th Feb 2013, 09:22

Range Rovers have never been high quality ever since they first started making them. Always expensive to buy, riddled with manufacturing faults and poor quality control, depreciate by what must be a third as soon as you leave the lot, and you'd have to be mad to buy a secondhand one.

People talk about their off road capability; I have rarely seen any RR actually being used off road; most do the school run or are used to commute to work in urban environments by people who obviously don't mind throwing their money away on bad products.

19th Mar 2013, 06:16

Having owned 30 cars of 16 makes, I'm currently the proud owner of my 5th Range Rover (2009 4.2 SC Vogue) and still own my 3rd (2001 4.6 HSE). I'm a passionate owner driver, unlike the authors of the other comments.

They are true thoroughbreds, both on & off the road, and I forgive all their faults, because they alone deliver absolute driving pleasure. I'm a sheep and cattle farmer in Australia, who's tried & tired of the rest. Love my Land Rovers; nothing comes close in the bush.


26th Jan 2018, 07:00

I’ve run 6 different Land Rover products since 2011, covering nearly 250,000 miles between them. I’m happy to report that in the 11 years since your car was built, LR are not dead and they are building some good and reliable cars, with my current 2017 Range Rover doing very well indeed.

15th Jul 2018, 12:52

I too am a cattle and sheep farmer (Western Districts, Vic, Australia) who also happens to own two Range Rovers (2005 V8 and 2011 TDV8) and I'd like to say, you sir, have good taste!

I also do the mechanical work on mine, so I actually know how well built they are. Brake rotors and disc pads are literally twice the size of a Landcruiser's. 400,000km on the 2005 so far.