16th May 2008, 17:34

Definitely! May be my first encounter with the legendary Landrover Range Rover has been one with a Friday afternoon bus. My year 2000 DSE is gorgeous but, I've had it six weeks and the suspension has failed me twice!

My old V70XC had twice the miles on it, had a more powerful engine... but that's not hard, the Volvo had more torque and, apart from MAJOR off road stuff is/was a vastly superior car!

I love the size and presence of the Rover but, basically... oh Dear!

10th Jul 2008, 18:14

Couldn't agree more. When the Range Rover is performing, it's unbeatable but, the Volvo cross country is a vastly better car in terms of 'everyday' conditions. The Volvo is reliable, comfortable, adequate off road, miles better on road and, basically, superior in every way. I certainly would take the Volvo to places I didn't know. The range Rover, I wouldn't take to the super market!!! When they are good, they are very good, when they are not, they are lethal!! Lots of people fret about the Volvo's complex power delivery system but, in comparison to the Range Rover, it is very reliable.

I agree, buy a Volvo, or something Japanese. Nissan Patrols are very good if you need to go off road a lot, as are Land Cruisers and Hiluxes. The Hilux though is a dog, a tough dog but a dog!

29th Dec 2008, 04:28

So, apart from talking about a different car, yours being a petrol 4.6 HSE and the car being talked about is a 2.5DSE, effectively, what you've done is to take away your Range Rover's mastery over other serious off roaders. It is the amazing suspension system that makes it both the best and worst 4x4 by far.

The Range Rover's ability to lift itself up and down is it's reason d'etre. And, when it works, it's FANTASTIC! When it doesn't; it can be extremely dangerous.

If the suspension 'collapses' to the bump stops when you are hammering along at 70 Mph on the motorway, you'll know exactly what dangerous means.

Mind you, for the dollars you've spent, you may have ruined the car but saved your life in the process.