2000 Land Rover Range Rover DSE 2.5 from UK and Ireland


Get a Volvo 4x4 if you want quality


Air suspension system! When that fails, the car is next to dead.

Heated front screen, patchy demisting.

Air con died.

General Comments:

A physically huge machine! Massive road presence!

The turbo whistle is gorgeous, but basically, this car is Brian the Snail. The six cylinder turbo diesel unit is massively under powered.

The comfort levels are unsurpassed in my view. Big arm chair seats and lots of leg room. You could travel from Mercury to Mars, and be very comfortable indeed.

Load capacity... Hmmmmmm, there are lots of intrusions from wheel arches and window sills, and the rear seats don't fold flat or come out. The ceiling is high, but do you really want to load it that high? There are no securing points in the floor either.

The split tail gate... good or bad? Great for cooking on, sitting on but for loading, it's a pain, you have to stretch into the boot. The height of the 'tank' means no bending, but I'm not sure about how much of that cavern is usable.

The Range Rover handles like a 1930's cinema, but that could be part of its charm. The build quality is questionable, the old cart vibrates at certain revs, and rattles and squeaks.

All the above being said, the Range Rover is a fifteenth century pile, full off wood, leather, and personality. It's all the wooden beams and bits that don't make sense. It's annoying and brutally slow; the North American continent will out accelerate this monster. Definitely a tug you buy with your heart and not your head.

The 4x4 ability is fantastic! But, how often are you going to challenge this beast?

Buy a Volvo XC70, it is a better machine in every way with the exception of REAL off road stuff.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2008

16th May 2008, 05:20

I agree - It's a shame that the Land Rover brand has such reliability issues. I have recently sold a Freelander HSE with 60k miles and was plain nervous to drive it anywhere in case something would fail. In contrast, I now drive a Volvo with double the miles and feel like I could drive it anywhere!!!

2000 Land Rover Range Rover 4.6 HSE 4.6 Liter V8 (222 Horsepower) from North America


Great vehicle, especially a good used one


Had a leak inside the vehicle (clogged sunroof drain, typical on all cars)

Door handles are sticking (still functional, just not as smooth opening as when new)

Occasional quirks with the air suspension, fortunately no actual problems.

General Comments:

I am not going to say thsi is the best SUV out there, because it is definitely not, however it has a charm to it that is loved. It is very roomy, able to fit whatever I want into and still have space for more, been reliable at least up to this point. People constantly are saying that Range Rovers are unreliable, and they are, but usually will never leave you stranded. I have never been stranded by mine because I maintain the vehicle. Many people who buy these do not use them as intended and basically do not maintain the truck. I love my Rover and plan to drive it into the ground.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2007

7th Nov 2008, 14:55

I also will drive mine to the ground, I love it. I also have a 2000 4.6 HSE. You couldn't have said it better, MAINTAIN YOUR ROVER! That's all you will need to do. One other guy on here said his car self destructed at 50,000 miles and had to do a $6000.00 brake overhaul... brakes only need overhauling if the driver runs piston to rotor. In that case guaranteed it was his fault, not the rover's. I DO happen to think this is the best SUV out there for the 2000 model year.

24th Dec 2012, 16:06

Rovers need maintenance, period. You can abuse Japanese cars and still they will work, not so with Rovers. You have to be on top or ahead.

Two areas to watch: cooling system and suspension. You must spend money on these. If you are not handy, your costs will be prohibitive. Rover is mechanically actually simple, but the diagnostics are the problems and parts are available. I love them and have driven them, they have something about them that others don't.