2000 Land Rover Range Rover HSE 4.6 from North America


The most versatile vehicle in the world; anywhere, anytime and in class!


Nothing has gone wrong that I am aware of. The car had minor wear and tear issues when purchased, but I bought the car because it sounded in really good working condition, and the RR remains the same 2k miles later.

As for the minor wear and tear issues, they are as follows:

The leather around the emergency brake is faded.

The front bumper down low is cracked because some poor driver must have hit a curb, and broke it so the fog light has come loose, but being resourceful, I tied it with fishing line into place. No more problems!

The floor mats have cracked some.

The 6 disc CD changer sometimes has an error reading, but is easily fixed by manually taking out the case.

Other than that, the car is in excellent running condition, and is going to go into a dealership for the suggested 75k mile check-up.

General Comments:

In general, the automobile is extremely nice to drive. The view while driving is exceptional and the handling is very strong for an SUV. The car was designed to have the back-end fishtail for better control around tight turns. With a light rain I tested this, and the car fishtailed, and then the 4 wheel drive resumed and set me straight again (Do not attempt!). The Range gets better miles per gallon than the manufacturer says. On the highway it gets from 16 to 19 mpg. City driving is about 14.

The range is average to drive at high speeds and is good on braking. As for acceleration, nothing special on a flat street, but you can definitely feel the big V8 growling. Where the Range kicks @SS is when you have some Mustang tailgating you on a steep hill, and then you punch the gas and the 300 pounds of torque shows anyone who is the boss of the mountain.

In response to the postings about Range Rovers breaking and such; I presume that they are like any other type of car you might buy... it's all luck, even off the lot vehicles can be lemons, that's why there are laws. I have the utmost confidence that this Range will go 300k if I treat it right and maintain it often.

Best Regards.

Range Rover Owner

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Review Date: 29th March, 2007

23rd Oct 2007, 08:47

I see your previous car was a Chevy Corsica, so I'm sure your expectations were certainly exceeded by the Range Rover. As for out-accelerating a Mustang on a hill, yeah right. We have had enough Land Rovers (even Range Rovers and Discovery's with the 4.6L V8) to know they aren't fast. 5000lbs vs a Mustang's 3000 lbs.

They are the best off-roaders, however.

2000 Land Rover Range Rover 4.0 SE 4.0 V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Best car I have owned


I have not experienced any faults with this car and I average 60,000 kilometres per year in outback Australia.

General Comments:

The Range Rover is extremely comfortable over long distances e.g. driving for periods of six hours or more.

Performance at cruising speed is more than acceptable and extra power for passing is always available.

Off road performance is excellent. I have only got it bogged in sand once and that was at a river mouth where it was particularly soft.

Fuel economy compares with other large 4WD's e. g Toyota Land Cruiser.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2004

2000 Land Rover Range Rover HSE 4.6 Injection from UK and Ireland


An excellent boarding hack!!!


Only a puncture I picked up while driving on the French Auto-route.

19 to the gallon.

General Comments:

The Range Rover is seriously good car for most purposes, it is not a fun car to drive hard on tarmac but is an effortless cruiser that will swallow all of your essentials and go anywhere. I used it recently to carry me and my girlfriend's luggage, 2 snowboards, and full equipment all the way to Austria and the Rover proved faultless.

My only real gripe is insurance, my premium is £2,800 for fully comprehensive cover, due to the fact I'm 19. The purchase price; the thick end of £30,000 as a dealer approved car was reasonable.

The performance from 4.6 litres of V8 is perfectly capable of gaining 60 miles per hour in around 9 seconds and top end cruising of 100 MPH+.

The new clear indicator lenses are pretty cool and give the car a classy look. The ladies seem to like it too with plenty of room inside.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2001

27th Jun 2001, 07:40

You're 19, and previously drove an M3 Evo? How much was THAT to insure at 18?

31st May 2014, 16:37

Evo insurance for a teenager? Here in Japan, no worries, son.