12th Mar 2008, 22:35

Guys guys... I have a Lexus ES300 1997; seriously it's just great!! Don't forget the car is 11 years old with 140000 miles on it, and it just runs smooth.. I took care of it though!!

It's quieter and smoother in riding than some cars release after 2004... so that says a lot...

No problems at all, except my trunk is not opening anymore from inside... Who cares; I use my key:)

Lexus Lexus Lexus guys!!! Reliable!! Just take care of the baby.

1st Apr 2008, 13:16

I bought a new ES300 in 1999 for my wife. She uses it around town and has only 85K miles on it. This past year I tried to get rid of this annoying rattling in the suspension by replacing everything from the tires, shocks, bushings and having the front end aligned. Much to my dismay this rattling, which sounds like ball joints being loose, is still present. Anybody out there got a remedy? Thank you all in advance...SAM.

1st Apr 2008, 22:42

In 2005 I purchased a 97 ES300 for $3,500 with 175,000 miles for my girlfriend. It now has 245,000 miles and runs perfect. Other than needing new struts, it feels really solid. She loves the way it accelerates. The shifting is incredibly smooth. Last year I added a 97 LS400 to our fleet. I really like how quiet the 400 is on the road. Can't wait to take it on a road trip across the desert so I can get it up to a high speed. The only negative, her stereo sounds better than mine. It cranks!

3rd Apr 2008, 00:03

Hi, everyone. I have a 1997 ES300 with 112K on it. I bought it two years ago with 85K on it. I had to change timing belt with water pump (maintenance), rear bushings, brakes, sensor on front right wheel (traction control). Can't complain. What upsets me a little - the fuse for heater blower went bad. Driver's seat heating element went bad, driver's window motor went bad and needs to be changed tomorrow. This car will take me from point A to point B. Unfortunately, those little things upset us, however, if you consider the fact that new car payments would've been much higher.. it's still better to drive that Lexus. A friend of mine put 240K on his car and never had a single problem, that's why I decided to buy that Lexus ES300. Anyway, it's a good car, even though some parts go bad (knock on the wood). Not much rust. Looks good.

12th Apr 2008, 09:44

Hi, I bought Lexus ES300 in Jan 2007 after I had a total on my Chevy Lumina rear ended accident.

The Lexus cost me $6200/- CAD and had 115000/- km on it. I'm in Canada.

Things that I had to get fixed after I bought it were brake shoes, rotors initially.

Then I found a new problem; that is when car was started in morning, it would make a very high pitch screeching sound that goes away in few seconds. I discovered replacing the alternator belt resolved this problem.

Then another problem I found was rattling sound, specially when going over road humps. Initially garage mechanic pointed fingers everywhere, but what was identified at last as the cause of this problem was heat shield cover on the gas tank. This cover got rusted at point where it was bolted and broke off, therefore when the car was moving and going over a hump, this cover would strike back the body of fuel tank and sounds like a golf ball rolling inside my trunk. I got the heat shield removed and car started driving smooth.

Then I approached the Lexus dealer for transmission oil change one day. Few days after the oil change, the auto transmission started giving problems. It would not shift properly and started jerking a lot during shifts.

I started chasing mechanics, who kept on telling me not to go for rebuild until it dies. To my surprise, in a couple of months the transmission problem got resolved automatically and now the car is back driving silkly smooth.

Last problem, which is still going on, is the screeching sound when brakes are applied or during left turns. Once I find out what is the issue and resolution, I will let you know.

Overall this is a very nice car, and am a happy owner. I had no major issues so far. Thanks for reading.

22nd Apr 2008, 08:39

I purchased a 97 Lexus es300 this past January for $1900, (I know, it's a steal). It's a great car. Only things I had to replace were:

Struts and mounts, I replaced three because the previous owner replaced one.

I am thinking of replacing the springs as well. The car feels like it bottoms out on certain bumps.

I think the bottoming out is what caused my flex pipe to break, so I am replacing that this week. Right now it sounds like a "street civic" lol.

I hear that same annoying rattle in what seems like the trunk area. I am going to see if the bushings change will remedy that. If not, I will check that heat cover over the gas tank like the gentleman earlier said. That rattle is truly annoying.

I love this car! I drive back and forth to Connecticut from NJ (120 miles) and I fly down I95. Once that V6 kicks in, I fly past the little sportscars on the road.

2nd Jun 2008, 13:24

I have a 1997 ES 300 with 200k miles. Best car I've ever owned. Have not done any mechanical work to it besides brakes, oil changes, water pump, timing belt, shocks/struts. All maintenance items. Lexus... best cars in the world period.

20th Jun 2008, 16:07

I bought a 99 ES300 in 2005 for $9500. It was a repo at my mom's bank. Since I have had it, I had to replace the struts and mounts. My car would also periodically display the check engine and trac off light at the same time. The dealership said I had a sensor to go out. Now it just stays on but since I'm a student, I can't afford to fix it. Now I have this annoying clanking sound coming from under the hood. I use to have a Mazda 929 and it did the same thing. The mechanic who looked at it said it was my valves rattling but never gave me an answer on how to fix it. Well I wrecked that one before I could get it fixed. Anyone know what making the valves stop rattling entails? I'm so ready for a NEW Lexus!!

9th Jul 2008, 17:33

I have a 2000 Lexus. Purchased with 80k and I'm the third owner. I have now 130k since. I am a Ni$$an Maxima fan! But after I purchased the Lexus, I like cabin look and feel. Lexus has a rich interior. No car has black leather that is smooth as Lexus. Below you will find issues I have with the car, but they are well known and accepted.

What I fixed when I purchased:

1. Brakes all around and rotors (US$300)

2. Alternator (US$400)

The next thing I need to fix it the rattling noise and rear main engine seal. Oh yeah, sometimes if I start the car and it runs for a minute or too (cause I forgot something), then I turn it off - I have a hard time starting again... hmmmm, wonder what that is???

No car is perfect.