11th Mar 2012, 21:38

Owner's update: problem with stalling now fixed, was probably an idling speed issue. However, the speedometer stopped working at 183,000 km, just had it repaired for $NZ260, which isn't too bad I guess. Otherwise it's running well and still gets 28 MPG (10 km/l) on a long trip.

13th Apr 2012, 04:00

Further owner update: The Lexus has now done 40,000 km since purchase. Had a service done today at 185,000 km, which cost the grand total of $229. Headlamp bulb replaced, otherwise no problems apart from ones previously mentioned. The mechanic has a friend whose LS400 has just turned over 600,000 km, so there may be a few years left in mine yet!

13th Apr 2012, 14:20

These cars are amazing and you are very fortunate to have one, I'm jealous! Can I have it? XD.

6th Jul 2012, 22:58

Further owner's comment: Now done 192,000 km. Had to replace part of the rear suspension recently, which cost $1300. Rattles in both front doors, but otherwise runs perfectly.

30th Jul 2012, 16:38

Can you confirm exactly what the fix was? I am very interested, as I would love to find a solution to this stalling issue.

29th Aug 2012, 06:49

I'm pretty sure the problem was idling speed, and was cheap to fix. It did stall again recently, but that was about 3 weeks ago. It has now done 195,000 km and still has reasonable economy. Can't justify an upgrade on economic grounds at present.

27th Oct 2012, 02:38

Further owner's comment: Now done 202,000 km and the engine still runs sweetly. Fuel consumption unchanged at 10L/100 km (28 miles per imperial gallon). This V8 is bulletproof!

No further problem with stalling since the idling speed was adjusted upward. Front tires worn down and need replacing, rear tires are fine (have done 57,000 km on this set, which the previous owner had fitted just before he sold it to me).

After trialling a few diesel powered cars lately, I can appreciate the noise dampening efforts that Lexus put in to the design of this vehicle. It is beautifully quiet.

19th Dec 2012, 04:34

Further owner's comment: Has now done 207,000 km. Two new front tires (Toyo brand), which have helped road noise.

Current issues - all fairly minor:

1) Both front seat belts don't retract fully and need to be guided into place

2) Rattle in both doors noticeable at urban speed

3) Speedometer and sometimes odometer often don't function, especially on a hot day.

4) An electric motor has failed on the steering wheel and it doesn't drop fully into place at start up, obscuring the dashboard slightly. Probably caused by a careless auto electrician.

5) Gearbox light on dash for 'Drive' not working - again I blame the auto electrician.

6) Windscreen needed re-gluing into place

7) A lot of stone chips have appeared on the bonnet

But overall, it still performs well.

14th Aug 2013, 07:11

Further owner's comment: Now done 219,000 km. However I'm not doing so many long runs now. Still runs perfectly. Will hang onto this beauty as it's just so comfortable. Speedo sits 10 km/hr less than true speed, which resulted in a ticket, but with cruise control and sitting on 90 km/hr rather than 100, I won't be getting any more.

11th Nov 2013, 19:23

I concur with your comments, I have a 95 Aussie model, which has now done 255 000km and drives like a dream. The motor doesn't use a drop of oil or coolant.

I have made quite a few mods to improve the vehicle's reliability though, and maintenance is absolutely paramount.

The alignment issues may be fixed with camber adjustable bushings.

I have also fitted a big PWR radiator and TRD 72 deg thermostat to better cope with the 46 degree days we sometimes get in summer.

I drove a 2012 Toyota V6 Aurion for about 8 hours on a highway and back road drive last month, and the 18 year old Lexus is still a better car to drive, and is more comfortable and relaxed.

I have fitted Pedders Extreme XA coilovers, and these are on the softest setting I can get them. Still very comfortable on the highway, but much more assured handling.

BUT just had major instrument cluster problems, power supply shorted out and resulted in a non functioning cluster that cannot be repaired (tried 3 specialists) and Lexus no longer has any spares for the cluster. Dakota Digital conversion is on the cards...

But this car will go forever, the build quality is superb.

29th May 2014, 05:40

Update: Has now done 229,000 km. Just had cam belt changed, 8 new spark plugs, as well as new water pump, tensioner, timing belt, drive belt, 2 rotors and idler, as well as a routine service, which cost NZD2200 all up.

Also replaced two more tyres about 3 months ago (Goodyears this time). Next bits of maintenance are the electrical problems mentioned earlier. All things considered, still a relatively cheap car to run for its size.