2nd Jun 2009, 11:39

I hate it when my car reaches over and flattens my tires when I'm not looking. I will say that the car seems heavy and boring. This is true, especially in comparison to other cars, but cmon! Regular maintenance is a breeze in comparison to other cars. Everything you stated sounds like regular maintenance.

2nd Jun 2009, 15:05

I hate that too. And often it is not even the tires. How about the valve inserts, 50 cents each?

30th Jun 2009, 13:18

The car is heavy and boring. Expensive??? Go buy a Mercedes or a BMW. Heck, even a Volvo costs more to maintain. Timing belts are a part of life. So are shocks, brakes and fluids along with anything else that can age which is everything. I bought my Lexus not too long ago. It seems solid, but it is a slug in comparison to its European counterparts. I will say that much...

15th Jul 2009, 02:21

1997 Lexus LS400: I am a new owner of an LS owned by a very elderly lady. 229,000 and I swear the car purrs like a kitten, A/C freezes me out, and all options work... Here is my question, as I have often seen advice given to get rid of the height adjustment (mines is without) is it characteristic of the LS to be cushy on the road, but when going into a driveway, the smallest curb causes a thud. New shocks? Feels almost Audi like.

23rd Aug 2010, 20:51

I agree that the car is heavy and for most people boring, but with a 0-100km time of 6.9secs, it’s enough to beat most boy racers off the lights. I am on my 4th Lexus including: LX470, GS300 and 2 LS400s.

It sounds like the car has not been serviced properly or had the clock wound back, it’s not uncommon for people to wind the clocks back on LS400s or LX470s, some of the examples I have seen had as much as 793,000km and look like they have done about 150,000km.

When I sold my last LS400 it had 350,000km and the rubber suspension bushes were only just starting to become an issue which were the original ones along with the original gear box, diff, engine and shocks (non-adjustable). The cup holders are annoying in the front, although a car phone was an option in Australia with buttons on the steering wheel as well.

Last of all I can get 8.5L/100km on freeway and 14L/100km around town and I have a lead foot, so I disagree with your comment about the car having a thirsty V8.

8th Nov 2010, 11:09

As someone who has driven a host of euro cars, that left my bank account in a constant state of emptiness, the Lexus was a much needed Godsend.

As for being boring and heavy, far from it, I find it very fast and responsive, more so than my previous BMW 730, and it's by no means a sports car, and was never meant to be, you must view these beauties as super comfy cruisers.

Bought at an amazing 260k, now at 320k, and still drives like a new car, devoid of rattles or squeaks, totally reliable in every respect.

I love this car, and I also love the fact that my bank account is now in a constant state of full.

Thank you Lexus.

8th Jan 2012, 05:44

I too agree with the poster to whom you have replied in general. I have not been impressed with the car at all. It is not comfortable as I explained in an earlier review.

The cup holders are too small, except for small cups or cans. My brother's Sentra has adjustable cup holders.

The transmission downshifts that occurs during passing maneuvers sends the RPMs within centimeters of the red line, and you will certainly know it as it is loud, and a bit scary.

The car appeared pristine, ran quiet and seemed to run well when I when I bought it, but the people who buy these new generally take care of them, including keeping them in a garage.

Overall, my 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis is just as good a car for 1/3 the price. Also has more features such as compass, side lights when turning, continuous gas consumption display, larger trunk, and is more comfortable.

Overall, the car seems over rated.

18th Jun 2012, 19:44

I have had my 1997 LS 400 for 8 years. It had 91k when I bought it, and it now has 150k. Some of the repairs have been expensive. All new power steering hoses, all front end hoses, water pump, timing belt. Several sets of brakes and tires. All that is still only about 70 a month for repairs.

There are very few non OEM parts for this car. So you have to pay Lexus prices for parts.

My clear coat is now burning off, and I have a row of new blisters about an inch behind the windshield. So I'm finally thinking about parting with my old friend... the paint repair is not worth the money.

I love this car. Reliable. Very nice to drive across country. My highway miles are equal or better than most of the V6 cars on the road made today. Not bad for a big V8.

19th Jun 2012, 11:39

One thing about these cars that never impressed me is the interior. It just looks like an oversized economy car inside!! I don't know why anyone would pay so much money for a giant Camry with a cheapo interior.

Reliability is admittedly good, but when the car is this boring, who cares?