2004 Lexus RX 3.3 from North America




Not much really...

ABS / engine warning light came on at about 190,000, but goes on and off now.

Electric window master switch has failed, although it works intermittently. Apparently VERY expensive, so have left it.

I fear the transmission is not going to last much longer; at 200,000 miles and several long roads trips hauling my pop-up, which weighs 2000lbs, I think its days are close to an end. It's jerky and seems to be confused, although it drives fine 90% of the time. I live in hope for another 50,000.

Everything else is original... Quite remarkable really.

General Comments:

Let's face it, this car appeals to "older" ladies... It's awful, rolls around corners, soft squidgy brakes, great for runs to Whole Foods, but for people who enjoy driving? It's an upgraded Buick... Horrible.

I love it though; in the scheme of things, how can you complain? 200,000 miles and mainly original equipment!!? BMW, Jag or Mercedes would have cost a fortune...

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2013

2004 Lexus RX 330 from North America


Manufacturing defect on rear wing window moldings.

While under warranty, the molding on the rear wing window passenger side fell off. The dealership had to replace the entire wing window due to the manner the molding gets attached, and I was advised that it was a manufacturing defect.

Today, about 2 years later, the rear wing molding on the driver's side fell off. The dealership explained I could have the entire window replaced, which is the only way the dealership fixes the problem and is very costly, or use their contract window replacement company and have the molding glued on - which I did. You can easily see the design defect in the molding piece itself.

This will continue to be a problem on this year of vehicle, and over time this will be a continuing problem on my vehicle. I understand that later models corrected this design flaw.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2011

2004 Lexus RX 330 from North America


Safe, reliable, luxurious, but seemingly overlooked issues


Rear window molding was falling off. My husband bought some weather tolerating glue and stuck it back on. Haven't had any issues since then (over 2 years ago).

Also have issues with the transmission shifting during odd times, getting on a ramp or coming to a stop-light.

Most recently, my electric windows on the passenger are not responding to the driver's side control panel. My front passenger door no longer locks/unlocks with key controller or master unlock/lock button? Only manually. Do I need to reset the computer by disconnecting the battery for a period of time? I just had a new battery installed.

General Comments:

Overall, it's been a reliable and safe vehicle for the past 4 years I've owned it. Reading the comments though really make me consider if I'll get another Lexus in a few years. UGH.. who can you trust anymore!!??!!

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Review Date: 19th April, 2010

2004 Lexus RX 330 Sports 3.3 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Try and beat Lexus for reliability


Almost faultless performance barring a few minor issues:

Leaking drivers side suspension strut, replaced under warranty.

Aircon overgassed during routine service, making a weird grinding noise.

Chamois coloured upholstery needs a fair amount of care.

General Comments:

I bought the RX330 as an anniversary surprise to replace my wife's beloved and ancient but bullet-proof 1997 ES300 LXS.

She loves driving it even more than the ES300, so let's call it a winning purchase..."Happy Wife = Happy Life".

Scarily silent when driving.

The Lexus routine servicing costs are definitely higher than for other makes, but as was with the ES300, the car always seems to run like new.

At over 5 years old, the exterior styling of the RX still seems very elegant and timely.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2010

2004 Lexus RX 330 from North America


Hype is better than its performance


- Towed from my house because it would not start due to an electrical problem

- Towed from my house because of a flat which both the roadside assistance and I cannot remove the tire.

- Changed the radiator (leaking)

- Changed the key fob (broken)

- Replaced the rear seats (rattling)

- Adjusted doors (rattling)

- Removed and re-fixed the dashboard (rattling). Still rattling though.

- Replaced/repaired rear window power windows motors (stopped working)

- Leakage of brake power (recall)

- No response from Lexus except that they will use the above information for future improvement of quality.

General Comments:

The car gives good mileage and is perhaps the best fuel efficient SUV in the market.

The seats can be better (especially thigh support).

The car was very quiet when I bought it - but over the three year period that I have owned it has progressively become noisy.

ABS brakes are scary (it makes a lot of noise, but does not give you a comfort feeling that the car will stop.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2007