9th Oct 2004, 07:50

I have the same problem. I just bought an RX330, 14K miles, it feels like the transmission slips constantly in low gears. Lexus service admits that the car does it, 'resets the computer', and nothing changes. Anyone hear of any solutions? tmulert@yahoo.com.

14th Oct 2004, 14:30

My RX 330 has the same problem,Lexus re-set the computer, no help. Lexus suggested I wait for the redesign of the vehicle and get a new one. NOT A CHANCE! Bought the RX330 for the power tailgate, will trade for a truck with a hand crank gate with a transmission that works properly.

29th Nov 2004, 11:38

Purchased an RX330 a few months ago. Same transmission issues. RX has difficulty finding the correct gear when accelerating on freeway. It will downshift into 1 gear, then the next, taking over 1 second to shift. Car has nearly hit redline many times as vehicle shifts into wrong gear to accelerate. Then when I let off the gas, the RPM's stay high as the engine overrevs.

Lexus, please fix this problem.

I took the vehicle in and the dealership reset the ECU. They said all RX330s have transmission lag due to the 5 speed and it is normal. No way! I've never had a car do this. I am upset and wish I didn't have this car. What do I do?

18th Jan 2005, 07:40

My Lexus RX330 was bought 8 months ago. I am now bringing the vehicle back for a third time. Once I hit 55 in the vehicle, the car pulls dangerously to the left. They have replaced parts etc. I am now moving forward with the NJ Lemon Law.

5th Apr 2005, 12:36

Hi. We are seriously considering the latest RX 330. Got a fright reading reviews of the 2003 model. Anyone have an update on the latest model? Particularly, w.r.t the transmission..

18th Jul 2005, 12:08

I just sold my 2004 Lexus RX330. After 3 recalls, numerous service issues and the latest scare, I will never purchase another. I was driving in a rain storm when the AC light started blinking, suddenly the ac went out and all of the windows became fogged up within seconds. I was totally blinded in rush hour traffic and a rainstorm. When I could safely pull over, I called the dealership & was told that they had received a recent memo that this was a potential problem. After the many service issues, I sold the car with 26,000 miles on it.

8th Sep 2005, 19:55

My dealer just installed new code in the ECM. It drives like a different car - tranny hesitation/gear selection seems to be fixed. I just hope it doesn't "learn" any bad habits.

19th Oct 2006, 15:03

I have 2002 Windstar from FORD and it's transmission act like what 2004 Lexus RX330 is having, slow gear shifts, gear feels like stuck, slow response on accelerations etc.

Re-programmed ECM from the Ford Dealer and still does the samething! Hope it's not the same trany technology Lexus is using.

13th Jun 2007, 10:35

Bought my new RX 330 in January '05. Two and a half years later, I only have put 20,000 miles on it. Imagine my disbelief when I took it in for the 20,000 mile service and was told that I needed four new tires!

The service department at the dealership, as well as 1-800-25LEXUS, informed me that the new softer tires they are putting on this vehicle are safer and provide a smoother ride; AND under normal conditions will only last approximately 20,000 miles. The cost for four new tires from the dealership is $999.00.

Buyers BEWARE!

26th Sep 2007, 13:33

I purchased a used American 2005 RX330 a couple weeks ago in Canada.

I expected the ride and engine to be smoother from a Lexus. I can feel a roughness in the steering when driving up to around 80km/h. From 80 - 100km/h the roughness is worse on the steering, and I can even hear a humming noise between those speeds. After 100km/h I don't really feel or hear the humming.

I spoke to a Lexus dealership, and they said it could be the tires. The vehicle still has the original tires and they are a bit worn. Maybe it's the tires or maybe it's something worse. I won't know until I take it in for them to look at it. Appointments have to be made a week in advance though.

8th Nov 2007, 15:34

I am now looking into California Lemon Law. I purchased a 2004 RX330. After driving the car a few weeks, it was apparent that there was a transmission shifting problem between 20-40 mph. I contacted the dealership. I was told this is called "soft shifting". I explained my displeasure. The dealership sent me to their head technician. The tech reprogrammed the computer, which helped sometimes. I was then instructed to drive the car in a certain manner for about a week, but no luck. I contacted Lexus Corporation. After numerous calls, I was basically told, "You are out of luck."

24th Apr 2008, 20:43

2004 RX330 has had transmission issues from the beginning and I have been told repeatedly that it shifts normally, NOT. They reset my computer (New Software?) and told me to use premium and put it in 4 gear (What?). Like an idiot I did, but it didn't work, big surprise! Love my car, hate the transmission what can I do?

Anyone, anyone, anyone... Bueller?

21st Jun 2008, 20:17

We own a 2004 Lexus RX330. The transmission has not shifted properly since we purchased it new. The dealer says there is nothing wrong; that it seems to be OK when they drive it. This is our third Lexus, and quality seems to be going downhill with each new model.

29th Jun 2008, 06:17

I also have noticed a problem with my RX330.

1st Aug 2008, 15:22

We own a 2004 Lexus RX330. We Purchased the RX new and we now have 45,000 miles on the RX. We have not as of this writing been having any problems with the transmission not shifting properly. What has occurred since 40,000 miles is a "whining/whirling noise that gradually becomes apparent at about 20 to 40 mph. I have put 4 new Michelin tires on the car, balanced and aliened all 4 wheels but the noise is still there. One local mechanic told me that it was the transmission. Does any one have any constructive comments that I could use when presenting my case to the dealer based on this information?

3rd Oct 2008, 15:43

My RX 330 at 28,000 miles has just begun the transmission issue at about 20-25 miles per hour. The dealer did the computer adjustment to it. It is still having the problem. Also, at 28,000 miles, four new (and I might add big) tires are needed. Seems really low mileage for new tires, eh?

3rd Oct 2008, 20:22

Have you been rotating your tires regularly?

6th Nov 2008, 17:07

In 2003, I bought a previously owned 2000 RX300 (with 38,000 miles) from a dealership. While I liked the car overall, it had a very annoying vibration/transmission noise when idling, so decided to trade up to the newer, slightly larger 2004 RX330.

I now have 51,000 miles on the RX330. It was purchased in August '04, and has been a pleasure to own and drive so far. There were a few squeaks and rattles (like in the dashboard) when new, but either they've gone away, or I don't notice them anymore.

I might, from time to time, experience the hesitation that you speak of, but the way it's been explained to me is that it's a computerized system, and at a certain speeds, it doesn't know which gear to be in so I should either ease up or give it a little more gasoline. Until now, I haven't considered it a problem - just an idiosyncrasy of the vehicle and have learned to compensate.