18th Jun 2010, 08:22

I own RX330 2004, current mileage 60,000. Took care to dealership because car did not pass state inspection due to catalyst system and evaporative control system were not ready. Dealer cannot find out the problem. Did anyone have the same experience?

18th Jul 2010, 19:56

I have been having an issue for 3+ years on my 2004 AWD RX330. I've had it since new.

At speeds over 55 MPH the vehicle has shaken violently and the brake pedal gets hard. It feels like the front left wheel is going flat while driving at highway speed. I have to pull over on the highway to make it stop.

Lexus dealership never finds a problem. I did all their recommended suggestions: wheel alignment, new tires and cut the rotors. I recently replaced the brakes and rotors which helped a bit, but the steering is still shaky and highway speeds.

Oh and at 60000 I've also been having these tranny issues as well. At times it feels like the car doesn't want to move!

20th Nov 2010, 11:38

I own a 2004 RX330. The tranny failed today, no speed more than 40 MPH and no reverse. The car has 70000 miles, no trans oil change as recommended by manual.

Are a new tranny or refurbishing it the only options..?

10th Mar 2011, 15:27

I own a 2004 RX330, and the past few weeks when my car is cold, it squeals loudly for about 15 seconds when driving down the road. I have noticed the steering is harder to steer; almost like I'm steering a go-cart or no power steering. Have checked the power steering fluid and it's fine. After reading some of the other comments, I am afraid to find out what could be the cause. Any suggestions?

9th Sep 2011, 20:13

Have a 2004 RX300, 94K miles. Had it for 5 years now, and over the past couple weeks the transmission has really begun to slip. In the past it was tolerable, but now it's really noticeable. Took it in today, and Lexus said there is fluid in the transmission, and recommended a new transmission at a cost of $5600. Selling/trading it in as soon as I can. My other car, a 1998 Toyota 4-Runner, has 170K miles and runs like a champ.

12th Oct 2011, 02:44

Oct 11, 2011.

Wow, have we been lucky. Bought our RX330 with 10,000 miles on it. Have had no problems with the transmission.

Came with Michelins that lasted until 60,000 miles. Bought the same tires for replacements at Costco, and will be replacing them again with the same tire next week after I take my car in for its 120,000 mile service.

One problem we did have that someone mentioned, is that the right rear small triangle window molding blew off.

We plan to keep it until 180,000 miles, unless the transmission troubles you all mention pop up.

Penn Valley, CA.

2nd Sep 2012, 18:02

I have the same problem. Did you ever find out where the whining sounds come from? I'm assuming something related to the transmission?

14th Jan 2014, 09:29

I've proud owner of a 2004 RX330, and currently have 275,000 miles on it. I've experienced all of your issues and managed to fix them myself.

Vibration & shake on the road at more than 50 mph - if you change the brake & rotor and that helps a bit, then have someone check the wheel bearing; it makes a terrible loud noise in excess of 40 mph.

Squealing at cold temperatures - this happens and is normal when the temperature drops below freezing. The solution is change the steering fluid to a synthetic version (Mobil 1 transmission fluid will work). This helps a lot, and it only squeals at start up when the temperature is below 20 degrees, and only lasts a few seconds.

Slippage transmission - had the issue at about 70,000 miles, and have since added nearly 180,000 more already. The first models, almost 90% will experience this issue where the tranny feels like a stop and go. I don't think you can resolve this issue without a new tranny (a bit of an expensive solution). I would suggest a simple fix by changing the transmission fluid - make sure it's synthetic, and I've found a fuel filter replacement to help a bit.

Yes, at some point, some of you will have a power steering line break due to rust. You will notice this by hard steering and loss of power steering fluid. If no loss of fluid, just change it to synthetic fluid, which will solve your problem. If you need a new line, just go to the dealer, it's $110.00, and with a little jack and some mechanical experience, you can do this yourself and save $950 (dealer quote) to replace the line.

Hope this helps everyone. Ron.

8th Feb 2014, 18:50

Possible causes: low pressure from P/S pump, P/S gear failure, P/S system restriction, worn out/stretched P/S belt.

17th Jun 2015, 21:18

It happened to mine too, a Lexus RX 330 2004. Got a slip in gear when shifting 2nd-3rd.

2nd Sep 2015, 06:09

How did you fix this problem? Please share as I have the issue.



4th Oct 2015, 15:29

Hi, I have a 2004 RX 330. It has a bad vibration at about 25mph, and after that a low hum. I had someone tell me it's my front section of my drive shaft, the u-joints are bad, and the drive shaft has 3 sections, each attached by 2 support bearings; is this common, or is it the bearings? The u-joints don't seem loose to me.

27th Feb 2016, 14:59


Can you specify which power steering line gets rusted. Thanks!

22nd Nov 2017, 05:55

Never buy tires from a dealer.

22nd Nov 2017, 06:07

Awesome review! My ‘04 has just hit 161K with minimal issues (knock on wood). I hope it lives a long life like yours!!

2nd Nov 2018, 00:44

Found any solutions to it yet?