26th Sep 2006, 17:49

Lexus is not a POS. This Lexus is the only one that has problems because it's a low end Lexus. My wife drives a 2003 LS430 which is amazing. It has 32,000 miles on it and looks like brand new. I drive a 2005 LS470 with 65,000 miles and have had no problems. My 1999 LX470 went for 172,000 miles with only normal maitinence. Some people just have to have the Lexus name so they buy say the RX300 or ES300, all those cars are is a Highlander and a Camry. Yes the LX470 looks like a Landcrusier, but they are way different. The LS430 has no cousin in the Toyota family. It's a true Lexus. People say the Avalon is the same as an LS430. What a joke. The Avalon has a V6 and the LS has a V8. Big difference. If you have to have the Lexus name buy an older LS400. Our 1995 LS400 drove till 220,000 miles.

27th Sep 2006, 07:43

Now we have "Lexus snobs" snubbing those who own RX300's by claiming they're not true Lexus's.

Why don't you go back to your BMW's. There's no room for snobbery in Lexus Land!

22nd Mar 2007, 21:03

It is the first time I have seen this site to give my opinion on the Lexus RX 300. I have a 2000 Lexus RX 300 and noticed many other owners have the same problems I have. I bought the vehicle used @ about 50000 miles at about 100000 miles the key went out on me I am using the valet key. About the same time the transmission went out on me. It cost $4000.00 to replace the transmission, now its burning oil and smoking terribly. I was told I'll have to purchase a rebuilt engine. I received a communication about the smoking, that there is class action suit on that matter, for both Lexus and Toyota. Please comment.

5th Apr 2007, 08:30

To the person that the key broke and then the transmission then the engine. There is a class action suite on the engines. Hopefully you have contacted Lexus direct to assist with your problem.

I am currently on my second transmission. First one went out at 80,000 had the car back for 5 months and it is back in the shop getting another one. I was fortunate my extended warranty was still in effect. Then with the replacement transmisson it came with a one year warranty. Does anyone know if Lexus is doing something about this problem?

6th Apr 2007, 17:16

My RX 300 has been good, but now at over 100,000 miles I am having serious transmission problems. This seems like a widespread problem with this vehicle in the 2000 model. I suspect there is a manufacturing flaw.

26th Sep 2007, 09:04

2000 RX2000, bought new in 2000. 92k miles, transmissionwent out, $4000 repair, but Lexus paid for half of the parts, still close to $3000. Damn, this car is a nightmare, this year I have put in almost 5k repairs, sensors, key/lock. Aweful expereince.

30th Oct 2007, 14:54

This whole ordeal about RX300's transmission going out is unreal. A friend gave me her "old" 1999 RX300 with 148,000 miles on it. It was like I was getting a Mercedes. I was so excited.

Well, after 3,000 miles, the entire transmission went out on me and the darn thing is in the shop. What is the deal with Lexus? I thought their cars were better than Mercedes? I am getting the car fixed just because it is in such good shape, but honestly, I am afraid it will break again after spending @ $4,000.

Does anyone know anything about a class action suit against Lexus? I have never had an automatic car where the transmission just completely died. Sounds like Lexus had these things programmed to die at 150,000 miles or less...


8th Jul 2008, 15:29

I just had the transmission on my 2000 RX300 die at 65,000 miles. The dealer is replacing it for $1800 in labor only under a power-train type warranty.

It sounds like this is a common problem and Lexus is aware of it, so my advice to others would be to ask about this "good faith" warranty as I am paying much less than others have on this forum.

Good luck!

29th Jul 2008, 16:23

My 2000 Lexus Rx300 has a little over 100K mile on it. Transmission went out last week after being told it was going to a few months back. I put brand new transmission in it, got the timing belt replaced as well as had the 90k service done for $5,100. Yesterday (on a busy freeway) my transmission started going crazy, sounded like a dirt bike then when I tried to pull over it felt like I was driving on sharp rocks. I had to have CHP push my car to safety in neutral. It was really scary. The dealer tried to BS there way out of it saying my car was previously leaking when it absolutely was not. They later agreed to fix the problem for free but I'm under the impression that it will continue to have more issues. Should I get rid of it? I have 2 kids and need a safe vehicle.

When I went to the dealer there were 2 other Rx300's getting off tow trucks. Ridiculous!

11th Aug 2008, 16:13

2002 RX300 with 78K miles is in the shop getting a $300-3500 rebuilt transmission. Shop guy said transmission is undersized for the vehicle, thus the problems. Lexus service rep was not aware of RX300 transmission problems - only aware of a "couple". Said they don't rebuild transmissions, they replace them. FWD would be $4000 and AWD would be about $5100. Since I bought the car used from a private seller, I had no warranty and no real leverage with the local Lexus dealership. Based on the numerous problems posted, I will pursue this with Lexus after the fact and keep my eye out for a class action to join. Shame on Lexus!!!

30th Dec 2008, 10:44

New member posting...

120K miles and the trans is toast! Talking to the dealer later today to see what he suggests. He is stating $5K to replace the transmission. Car was always serviced by the dealer, never towed anything or ran up a steep hill, Florida is nice and flat ;)

This is very disappointing and frankly unacceptable. I typically run cars well past 150K miles and have never had to replace a trans in anything from a Ford, Honda, Toyota, VW, or a BMW. Likely to be my last Lexus.

Appreciate all the insights and will see where this goes...


27th Apr 2009, 12:06

I am stunned to read all these comments about similar experiences. I own a 2002 RX 300 and it's at 95K miles right now. Lexus tells me it needs a 'rebuilt transmission - $4K. I've done all the maintenance at the dealership and by the books. I can't believe Lexus will not cover this repair given the numerous issues regarding the transmission on this model. Lexus is not worth the price. This is the last Lexus I will own.

7th May 2009, 08:59

5/7/2009 Purchased my RX300 new AWD at 90,000 miles, transmission went out with no warning. Lexus would not help out at all. Had rebuilt transmission put in now, my wife on the way home from work was on the side of the road with the transmission out again at 136,000miles. Having towed in today to see if it will cost another $4,000.00 to fix.

I will never purchase a Lexus again. With as many people having this problem, Lexus needs to stand up and help us out. Do not buy a RX300 unless you like to work on transmissions.