26th Mar 2009, 23:03

I own a 92 SC400, which also had clunking noises while driving over bumps.

I replaced all, upper and lower control arm bushings. Purchased a Daizen bushing kit from a Lexus mechanic friend, who also told me that you can buy Toyota Supra control arms for about $275 each, and they will also fit on your Lexus SC.

I replaced all my front bushings myself, and now my SC4 rides very, very nice, and no more shifting steering, and no more noises.

23rd Sep 2009, 08:40

I am having a problem with the needle light that is going on and off on the gas gauge needle only. The others are OK.. could this be a fuse?

Also..On my SC400 lights: Are the lower lights beneath the main headlights only supposed to go on when signaling left or right, or do they go on along with the main headlights on the first or second click?

Love this car..

16th Dec 2009, 18:01

UPDATE: While I was driving the steering wheel became uncontrollable. I had to stop at a side road. My kids were in the car. The rear wheels became all wobbly. I had to get it towed to my mechanic. He showed me that the 2 rear sub frames had broken off. OMG. Lucky escape. It is still in the shop. New ones from Lexus costs around $1060 + 15% tax each! Very rare to find good used ones in Canada. I would advise all SC400 owners to have their sub-frame mounts checked out for safety. Especially people living in Canada having to drive on crappy roads with pot holes and bumps.

18th Feb 2010, 09:03

I can't wait to get my Lexus SC400 in 2 months!!! Hope this car does run great... I'm just wondering if I should get it or not, because it's an 8 cylinder gasoline, and I don't know if it's going to waste too much gas for me.

18th Feb 2010, 16:23

I would buy a new economy basic car if I had to worry about gas prices. And forego the prestige, if it's even a factor on a now 8 year old model.

20th Apr 2010, 04:53

My 1992 SC started having power issues with power mirror, cigarette lighter and radio - all on same fuse. Fuse seems fine. Battery OK. Don't see much posted on electrical issues. Is this something others have seen?

23rd Jun 2010, 21:26

I have a 92 Lexus SC400 V8. I ran out gas and I can't get it started. I put 10 dollars gas in, and I still can't get it started. Anyone know what I should do?

29th Oct 2010, 11:59

I had that problem with being unable to start after I put the gas in my SC400. Came to find out I needed to have my ECM re-manufactured. They tend to go due to hot weather. Also check your fuel pump; listen to see if it turns on when you turn the key half way.

13th Feb 2011, 06:20

Just got a 92 SC400. Love it, though only had it 2 days. At a stop sign with my foot lightly on the brakes, the car seems to shudder, slight jerky feeling till I firmly press on the brake. Any ideas?

Engine and trac light is on of course, going to change plugs and check out O2 sensors first..


16th Oct 2011, 14:02

This sounds like what is wrong with my Lexus. I love my car, that's why I'm trying to fix it, and I only have 157,087 miles on my baby.

20th Jun 2012, 11:30

Look for the fuel reset switch...

28th Aug 2014, 13:03

I totally agree, and I bought one for the same price, great value. It looks a decade or more younger than it is!

28th Aug 2014, 22:38

It wouldn't turn my head, sorry.

12th Apr 2015, 07:17

That is exactly what has been happening with my vehicle. I replaced the coolant temperature sensor. The bucking before acceleration while slightly letting off the brake has been solved. Though knocking now occurs. Do I need to drain the fuel line to eliminate the rich fuel mixture? I also wonder if one of the sensors is being contacted by something, causing a false reading, resulting in the knock?