11th Mar 2005, 14:48

I have nothing, but the best experience with my Blackwood. (#674) Sorry you all had a not so good experience. I will agree that the NEW Mark is a F150 with the Lincoln LOGO.. VERY VERY CHEESY! Love my Blackwood!

26th Aug 2006, 14:38

I just bought a Lincoln Blackwood at a Ford dealer. I paid $24,000 for it with 43,500 miles. I love it! I know that it will get me 12 city and 17 highway miles. I knew that before I bought it. I love it! Not a ding on it. Runs like new. Looks like new. I had no idea it wasn't a 2007 model until I stated reading about them. I love my truck! (car, suv, etc)

16th Nov 2007, 08:43

I love my Blackwood. But I am having a problem with the power back cover. It stops working and sometimes when I check the fuses, then it will work again, then fail later. Fuses are not blown, but when I wiggle the box, it seems to work again. maybe my imagination?? Anyone have an idea where to look if the cover will not operate?? Thanks, Fletch.

30th May 2009, 22:53

I bought my 2002 Blackwood (#2290) about 5 months ago. I love it and will keep it for a very long time. I will pass it on to my son. By then it will be very rare. If you're looking into getting one. It is the best if you don't mind using it as a cruiser not a user.

30th Dec 2016, 00:38

I ave had a similar experience on my Blackwood. Power tonneau quit working, I checked fuses and couldn't find any bad. In the processing it started working again. Two months later it is out again. I have had the vehicle since 2006 and it has 55,000 miles, with no other problems except a noisy radio which was replaced, and really didn't solve the problem. Hope someone has the answer to the tonneau!

12th Mar 2017, 05:24

And yet, the LT was a more functional truck for its lack of differentiation from the F-150. Both Lincolns were handbags for those with more money than self esteem, but at least the Mark LT didn't sacrifice capability for it.