1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car 460ci (7.5ltr) from North America


A big, roomy, comfortable, quiet and powerful enough car that is a pleasure to own


The gear shifter broke inside the steering column at 153,000 klms.

Since 1980, the previous owner properly maintained this car using only quality parts so the future looks bright.

Had the car sprayed at a rust control place, as did the previous owner. Will do it every year. Best $109 (cdn) I could spend.

General Comments:

For all practical purposes it's quick enough, but it really shines above 80 klms an hour. Had a tach in my last car, which was the same car as this one, and at highway speed 100 klms an hour, the engine's only doing about 1,850 rpm. Factory rear end gear was 2.50,and 2.75 optional.

If you only do city driving and like quick standing starts, get some stiffer gearing out back as I later did in my last Lincoln. The car felt like it shed 1,000 lbs.

The thing I like best about my Town Car is how relaxing it is to go from point A to point B. With the arm rest down, I feel like I'm in my living room. The car is quiet and the engine has the torque to make the car move around with ease. Anyone who's driven a compact car and then drove a 70's Lincoln will know what I mean. Fatigue free driving is the best I can describe it.

My previous '78 460 Town Car that I bought for $100 lasted 6 years. It still runs great, but the body was in terrible shape when I bought it. My present Town Car being in great shape all around should last me 'till I croak.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2009

27th Feb 2009, 14:52

While I've never been into the Town Car series, I do know what you mean about the comfortable ride. I always pefered the Mark III's IV's and V's over the town cars, but they are cool too. I would take nothing for mine.

16th Mar 2009, 19:15

I would cut off a finger for a '78 Mark V, but they go for big bucks up here when in good shape like the the Town Car I settled for. Maybe one day.

7th Jun 2011, 20:26

About that steering column shifter breaking. I think it's a design flaw. The shifter actuator is too weak to handle the load of such a massive car.

I've replaced mine 4 times in 15 years

and I bought a fully restored Lincoln Town Car 1979 and the shifter broke in that just the other day! I've also noticed the same flaw is not found in the Lincolns with non-tilt steering. The shifter in them is more solid.

27th Jun 2011, 12:54

The Mark Series look great from the outside, but the back-seat is too small for tall or long-legged passengers. The length is very deceptive from the outside. Make sure you consider this before you purchase one. Just found a '78 Town Car (4-door). Much more spacious, and the trunk is a tad bigger too. Good luck guys!

27th Jun 2011, 18:01

Yes, back in those days they were a lot less efficient with interior space, even though the cars were huge. Even after the 2nd down-sizing of cars in the mid-eighties, most were just about as roomy as their predecessors from the mid-seventies that were in many cases 2 feet longer. The one place that you really notice the downsizing is in hip room, in those days most full-sized cars were 80 inches wide, now the norm is about 72-75 for a larger car. I still think that those behemoths from the '70's are some of the best looking cars that will ever come out of Detroit.

1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car 460 4V, 7.5L V8 from North America


Great Old Machine of Yesteryear!


Replaced the water pump at 35,000 miles.

Replaced the water hoses at 30,000 miles.

Air Conditioner had to be re-charged often.

Power mini-Vent Window on driver side door was always coming out of the bracket.

General Comments:

The old Lincoln would have been in better shape had it been driven regularly, but it sat around too much, and therefore the gaskets and rubber began to break down. The car had the optional 460 V8 with the 4-bbl carb on it, and it was made for "road use" not running around town. It always drove like a dream even at the older age. I replaced the tires (original stayed until the car was about 22 yrs old) and it would ride on the expressways with the best of them! Wish they still made the Lincolns like the old 70's models!!

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Review Date: 6th August, 2006