1979 Lincoln Continental Collector Series 400 cubic inch from North America


Gorgeous luxury yacht


Nothing. So far, nothing has gone wrong with the car.

General Comments:

Where do I start? The car is a dream come true, it has only 17,800 miles on it! An older gentleman let it go for only $9,000 (to me of course).

For basic spring/shock suspension... the car rides wonderfully, and it's very quiet, you don't hear the engine.

Smooth as silk where shifting is concerned.

It is midnight blue inside and out. Those leather seats are more comfortable than my living room couch! Haha.

This Lincoln is very easy to drive, despite a 127 inch wheelbase and being 233 inches long. I drive it everywhere around town, and turn many heads.

Scary enough, the gas mileage isn't THAT bad. I got about 17 on the highway, and 13 in town. Hey, many large SUVs don't even get that!

I recommend that if you can get your hands on something like this... GO FOR IT! It's one of the most beautiful cars I have ever laid eyes on, and I'm only 21... but you can be any age to appreciate something like this. All of those luxury cars were true "works of art", manufacturers took great pride in them.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2010

9th Nov 2010, 01:40

I completely agree, these cars are works of art. I have had a few classic cars myself and I love these old land yachts.

Like you said, gas mileage is not so bad if you compare it to a big pickup, SUV, or even a minivan.

It is so much more enjoyable to drive a classic than the generic gray plastic junk that is on the road today.

The new cars are pretty much made to be disposable.

An older car like this has soul, character and history.

Enjoy your classic!

1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car 400 cu from North America


The Grand Dame of American Luxury Automobiles!


Car had a radiator and hose issue when purchased.

The landau vinyl roof was cracked and crumbling, due to being parked outside most of the second ownership.

Had to replace an idler arm on the left side due to being damaged.

Exhaust was loose at muffler attachment and a new pipe was needed.

Recently replaced the front passenger window motor, purchased off eBay due to the original died.

General Comments:

Always wanting a large old American car for a hobby project; finding 2 at an estate auction in the dead cold of January was a surprise. The owners were going to assisted living and everything was to be sold. The owner had a 79 White Mark IV and my triple black Continental Town car. The Mark had 70k original miles but the body was rotting off the frame and my Town Car had only 57K miles. The high bid sold for $800.00 and I was the backup bidder. Thinking the high bidder was taking the Continental, he took the MARK! So I was offered the Continental as back up for the SAME PRICE! What luck!.

The car itself was horribly oxidized and I wasn't sure it was dark blue or black. After a good interior and exterior cleaning, some repairs on the radiator and others. I now have a car that cruises like a dream, holds a football team and gets tons of looks wherever I go.

It IS a gas stations best friend (I get about 13MPG) but the 400cu runs well, flies great at highway speeds and is a 1 finger steering machine.

I had an upholstery shop put on a new top in NOS exact black vinyl, and have found a few salvage yards in the area that know me by first name for scavenge trim parts, chrome pieces, and anything that is in better condition than I have now.

I LOVE THIS CAR, and my foreign car snobby friend thinks I'm nuts.. But this is truly the BEST fun toy I have ever bought.

My friends love the big fuzzy seats, which I call "Bordello Velour", and I'm looking to upgrade to the digital Quadraphonic 8-track CB system. The 8 Track that's in it now is good, but I've heard the other system and it's much clearer and will make that Old Donna Summer 8 track sound even better!

This truly was the GREATEST YEARS of American Luxury Cars. If you can find one.. BUY IT!

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Review Date: 28th August, 2008