2000 Lincoln Continental 4.6 V8 from North America


Great luxury car for the money


Front rotors replaced twice.

Driver's power seat no longer goes down, have not fixed it.

Car has been exceptionally reliable. Gave our last Lincoln (94 TC) to a relative, and it is still running strong at 200k miles.

Some rust has appeared in the wheel wells behind the rear passenger doors.

General Comments:

Wife had a 94 Town Car and really liked it, but at 150k miles we decided it was time to move on. After looking at over a dozen cars, we found this Continental. It had everything she loved about her Town Car, but was a bit smaller, which solved the one complaint she had with the TC.

The V8 has more than enough power to merge into traffic or pass. The handling is much improved over the TC, and even a sports car guy like myself does not mind driving it. It handles well enough to get me in trouble with the wife on winding country roads, something I could not do with her TC.

We average 21 around town, and normally see 26+ on road trips. Not bad for a good sized luxury sedan with a V8. Yes, it calls for premium, but we have never put premium in it. We are willing to suffer a few less HP, we are not drag racing.

The smooth ride and quiet interior are what drew my wife to the car. No, I am not saying it is as nice as the high end European luxury cars, but at $8k we did not pay a high end price.

My wife plans to keep the car until it falls apart. Considering how well it has done so far, we may have it for a long time.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2011

19th Oct 2011, 17:19

It will most likely NOT last as long as a TC (see my review), since the suspension is made of glass, & you will get sick of $500 tie rods every year, not to mention the trouble prone air springs (rear ONLY in the 2000, thank God).

Trannys are also trouble, though I haven't had any yet. People get 200K + out of Town Cars used as cabs... You shoulda kept it.

2000 Lincoln Continental 4.6 V8 from North America


How do you spell relief? H-O-N-D-A


Tie rods shot at 70000 miles.

Lower control arms gone by 75000 miles.

Rack and pinion blew at 80000 miles.

Ate thru 2 "75 month" batteries in the 5 years I've owned it!

Now at 90K, I feel the dreaded "air spring" problem creeping up & trans has "morning sickness (can we say another $ 3 GRAND in repairs soon).

General Comments:

If it's comfort, speed, and the ability to impress your friends (and strangers), then this is the car for you.

If you need to get to work on a daily basis, see your girl, and save up to buy a house, then this is not the car for you, since you will put every spare penny you have into fixing this piece of crap, not to mention the $3-$4 gallon gas it guzzles (& has the nerve to require PREMIUM)...

5 GRAND in repairs in the last 3 years (first 2 were non-eventful, thought since there's gypsy cabs that get 2-300K out of these & Town Cars, it would be a "good bet", as CR used car guide puts it)... in the same category as Honda Civics/Accords, where everyone I know who has one gets 200K+ trouble free miles on oil changes, belts, batteries & hoses.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2011

4th Feb 2011, 03:43

Suspension system made out of glass on these cars, apparently.

6th Feb 2011, 16:21

OK, let's get one thing straight: Why are you saying Town Car when this review says Continental?! If you actually had a Town Car, you would know what a safe and reliable vehicle is. Definitely not some plastic wonder known as Honda.