7th Feb 2011, 13:51

OK, don't tell me you guys are going to get into another import vs. domestic arguments again. I swear if I see another of those very irrelevant chest beating contests, I'm going to puke. Can't you all just agree to disagree and enjoy whatever car or truck that you own, and let the other guys/girls enjoy theirs?

24th Sep 2012, 02:54

OP here... today the POS STALLED on me as I was making a left turn... Yay, how much more now on this ongoing saga, as I save to buy my 34 MPG ACCORD?

The air springs are trashed ($1200 estimate), and my new mechanic just told me I will need ANOTHER rack soon, while I was busy paying $800 for a BELT/HOSE change and tranny fluid/antifreeze that would be $300-400 on any other car (including my 2 previous American cars).

24th Sep 2012, 16:48

Why buy a Lincoln if you are on a Civic budget. Is it image or to impress? My parents bought these cars new, and never once griped on gas mileage or having more luxury options to maintain. All I ever heard was fantastic ride and comfort.

The complaints usually are someone that buys an older one cheap, struggles with the fuel cost, and has no extra money for repairs. I heard the same thing with one of my son's friends who bought a cheap used Range Rover. Same scenario; blew the air suspension out and parked it. If you buy an image car, it's not like keeping it up like a basic Civic. Might get a date or two, til you break down on the way to pick them up though.

25th Sep 2012, 14:56

Hate to hear you are having problems, but why is it costing $800 for that type of work you mentioned? The belt/hoses, transmission fluid and antifreeze is about as basic Autozone/O'Reilly stuff as you can find in a year 2000 vehicle; even more so than Cadillac. Someone is ripping you off on the price.

If I'm not mistaken, the 4.6 should have one belt. The belt should be about $30-$60 at most. Antifreeze should be a couple of the standard sized standard antifreeze that Ford has been using for years; think they had switched to the Orange at that point, which is about $15-$20 a bottle or about $40 at most, and transmission fluid shouldn't be any more than $80 for ten quarts, or about a little over $100 for the synthetic upgrade if you can find it.

So that leaves about $600 in labor? Belt and hose may take about an hour and half combined, transmission fluid maybe 30 minutes, or 45 minutes if you take a break and charge the customer for that break. Even a full flush of a system shouldn't be more than $100, and that is assuming the whole shebang flush of every last drop of antifreeze possible. Something isn't adding up, and or someone is over charging you just for having a Lincoln.

The air suspension system can get pricey, but that $1200 is usually the price for redoing the entire system, with the air pump and hoses being the most expensive thing, as the shocks should only be about $120 a pop at the high end, outside the dealer.

Well sorry you had bad experience with those cars, but usually it is about the cheapest car to maintain.

Even some Honda owners complain about the price of the alternator, labor costs, water pump and getting to it, all can be pricey. Most people and Hondas I have come across are "cheap to run" because they don't put money into it. Too many Hondas I've gotten, you could tell the suspension was totally shot and probably was not safe to drive, wasn't running right, head gasket problems, electrical issues usually stemming from jury rigged aftermarket work, etc.

When you shop around for that Honda, make sure you find one that has been properly maintained. If you see nothing having been done and no service records, leave it alone, or else you will wish you had the Lincoln back.

25th Sep 2012, 14:59

Best thing to do is not buy a car for image or to impress people. Buy a car that fits you and that you like.

Most people that buy cars to impress others usually end up hating that they did. People will be impressed when you have a nice car, but they are no where around when it's time to get things fixed. Plus if they are dating you just because of your car, is that someone that you truly want to be with? Are they really dating you in the first place, or dating your car? If they are that impressed with a specific car, or love it that much, then they can go out and buy it instead of mooching off you to buy it, and not putting in anything for upkeep.

25th Sep 2012, 15:08

The fellow who owns this car reports to have had it since 2006 and with 56,000 miles. As of last year when he wrote the review, it still had under 100,000 miles. I agree with him that any car, regardless of if it is a luxury brand, should not cost thousands in non-maintenance repairs with relatively low mileage, and only being 12 years old. I would be looking for a different car too.

25th Sep 2012, 15:51

It all depends on what kind of Lincoln it is; the Continental is a Taurus under the skin, which doesn't have the best reliability record.

On the other hand, if you go with a Town Car, you can't lose.

26th Sep 2012, 11:59

Most people make the comment that Hondas are cheap to run because they don't break down...

26th Sep 2012, 18:25

The Continental does not share the same platform as the Taurus.

27th Sep 2012, 08:56

The Continental is a Taurus with four wheel air suspension and a V8.

28th Sep 2012, 18:07

All Lincolns are built off of a platform that is shared with standard Ford vehicles.

For the year 2000;

Town Car - Crown Vic.

Continental - Taurus.

LS - Thunderbird.

Navigator - Expedition.

If the Continental is not built off of a Taurus, then please enlighten me with your opinion.

29th Sep 2012, 10:18

Sorry, I have to admit you are right. I would have never guessed that the full-size Continental's platform was a variant of the mid-size Taurus.

1st Oct 2012, 13:40

I would trade it in for a 2013 Lincoln. Can't even imagine someone with a Lincoln going to Honda. Seems an odd direction.

2nd Oct 2012, 14:52

That is true. Forgot the Conti of those years was built on the Taurus, which was considered "not the most reliable car" and basically killed the reputation of that model name single handed.

Yeah, the sad part is that the owner probably got a bad taste in his mouth of the Lincoln brand.

Yeah, the Town Car is way more reliable, but maybe because it's old technology that had been tested by time, is part of the reason.

2nd Oct 2012, 14:54

You are somewhat correct on the LS variant. The LS is an odd ball of the group, as actually it was based on the S-Type Jaguar platform, and the Thunderbird is a short version of its platform.

2nd Oct 2012, 17:54

It happens every day. It is pretty sad when you look at the market share the American car companies have lost over the last 30-40 years. Why would he want to buy another Lincoln after spending thousands on unexpected repairs?? The domestic brands have come a long way in reliability over the years, however in their quest to compete with Japan and Europe, they more or less reproduced their cars in every way. Where American cars once had many unique distinctions such as size, ride/handling, and styling, they now just look more or less like clones, and have the same non-luxurious ride. It gets harder and harder to buy American, when cars like Cadillac and Lincoln, look just as boring as Lexus, but have a poorer reputation, and cost about the same.