11th Nov 2012, 21:38

If you think that any high priced car, boat or plane is going to be far less maintenance wise, you are very mistaken. A regular new Accord is cheaper vs xenon lights, high dollar tires and other parts vs an Acura sedan. I have had 2 Mercedes; not cheap to buy, and saw 50 dollar 10 quart oil changes long ago, and once had a 5k A/C bill on one. The parts alone are horrendous. Lincoln parts and all the options and miles of wiring, leather, power seats, windows suspension, and on and on. My son bought a Range Rover, and what a nightmare he had. He blew the suspension, engine woes, and there's a expensive vehicle. So you may be better buying a cheap new car with few options; wind up windows vs power window regulators going slow etc. Get the point?

12th Nov 2012, 16:41

Of course some parts are going to be more expensive, but the parts you mentioned are regular maintenance items. When things like interior electricals, suspensions, transmissions, etc start failing prematurely, I don't think it is acceptable at all to just say that "oh it's a luxury model, so that is to be expected". If anything, I think luxury models should be built better, and it is fair to expect that. You should get what you pay for. Of course people need to keep in mind that a set of 4 tires for those 20 inch rims will cost close to 2 grand, but it should not be expected that they will need to set aside 3-4 thousand for a transmission overhaul.

13th Nov 2012, 08:10

When vehicles are 10 years old, be prepared as in this review. We never had anything serious happen, but didn't keep them this long. Used at this age, they go cheap. It's not a 50k discussion, it's probably a 5-7k vehicle. Where's the big loss to the guy buying one several years old?

14th Nov 2012, 04:21

OP here, so my air suspension finally crapped out altogether, leaving the rear on the floor almost (thank goodness it has real springs up front), so I ordered a $200 conversion kit, paid another $200 for mechanic to install it, and it's MUCH better now.

If any of you own one of these, do the conversion. I can't tell the difference in the ride at ALL, and I'll never have to throw out money fixing that system, and the car is more reliable. It's also now leaking a small amount of oil, but it is 12 years old, so I can't really get annoyed if a 12 year old rubber gasket is brittle.

24th Feb 2015, 03:11

Agreed, Town Cars are super reliable!