17th Jan 2018, 20:26

I agree with the comments above that this is not an actual review, but more a personal impression. I wish the original poster talked about the seats, comfort, driving impressions, etc. He still can post these here in the comments section. I mean especially after testing so many other high end luxury cars, one can take a few minutes and explain with examples how does this one stand above the rest?

I am curious about these later Lincoln cars; they also have an SUV I believe. They appear to have high quality and very comfortable interiors. That said, unfortunately the Lincoln brand had poor and costly reliability records in the past (with few exceptions).

18th Jan 2018, 12:59

Uh, hello? The "reviewer" did not ever test "so many other high end cars". The "not an actual review" was probably posted by some salesperson on a slow sales day.

19th Jan 2018, 00:43

The reviewer said he did. I have looked at many myself, usually first at the annual car shows. And have then gone to various dealerships. But I am serious and pull the trigger and buy when it’s time. We currently have 3 different manufacturers at home. Have driven 2 hours out of state seeing internet specialists. Wasn’t always the case.

7th Dec 2018, 08:59

Boy... you guys must hate Lincoln, or love another brand to disparage his review so much. I myself own a 2017 Continental Reserve, and can tell you the handling is great. YES... it's not like a rear wheel drive and it's not sporty. Lincoln wasn't trying for this to be viewed as a sports car. Its interior is better than any MB, Volvo or Caddy I've owned. The power of the 2.7T is decent, 0-60 in approx 5.5 seconds. It has so many features. My favourites are the heated/cooled/massaging front & rear seats, the adaptive cruise, lane departure assist and collision avoidance/pedestrian emergency braking, park assist, remote start from anywhere I have a WiFi signal (this is BIG when you work in a hospital), pano roof, nav system, Sync III, power rear shade, Revel Premium sound system, heated steering wheel, AWD, 360 degree camera, and finally... the rainsensing wipers with auto de-icing wipers. This car is so comfortable, quiet, with decent power and handling and all those options... it was my choice as it was also a better price than the MBs.

8th Dec 2018, 02:05

The new Continental is apparently not selling well and there's rumors it might be cut. I also don't feel the original review is very legit and smells like a sales ploy.

OTOH some of Lincoln's full sized SUV are doing quite well.

22nd May 2020, 01:49

As you know by now, Lincoln DID continue with the Continental until at least 2020. Let's face it... everyone is falling for the SUV craze. I didn't. I LOVE my 2017 Continental. 30k on it so far and no issues. Love the whole package. Power, comfort and style. I really don't see myself getting another car for a while. I know I'll have trouble finding anything like it in this price range.

23rd May 2020, 01:03

Sales for the Lincoln Continental had total sales of 6586 in 2019 in the USA. So it's not breaking any records, but it's hanging in there.

23rd May 2020, 18:15

I bought a discontinued Buick La Crosse. If you can find a Premium II it’s got everything. Like Magnetic Ride which shocked me. That was an option on my Corvettes I had. The heated or cooled seats. Full leather heated steering wheel. Wide 20” on nice factory rims. V6. You can change the instrument displays. And having a new 911, it has a sports mode analog blur lit dash, somewhat like its displays. Lane avoidance. Premium sound. But you have to find the Premium II.

Mine is white with white interior and sunroof. I don’t take that car to grocery stores or malls, not that malls are open right now. So anyway a nice alternative if you are sick of crossovers. The repair record on these is outstanding. The best part, not a lot of money. Take it to a shopping center or sketchy place, you don’t lose too badly. We have 5 vehicles but for what this is it’s pretty nice. I parked next to a white Lexus and they looked similar from the rear and sides. I don’t like the Buick grille very much, but it is what it is. So not a Lincoln, but another to check out that’s full size.

It’s easy to get tickets in this car. Very quiet; with overdrive it barely seems running over the limit. When parked you don’t hear it running and the car honks if you forget without shutting it off. It also comes standard with remote start in Premium II. Good luck.

23rd May 2020, 19:53

This is also Lincoln's new flagship sedan. Nothing like the former Town Car. Could be another reason why sales are low. Traditional buyers probably are not all for it.

24th May 2020, 22:41

You do have a point there. Sales for the new Continental in its first four years is around 32,600. Even with Town Car sales on the decline, its last four years (around 47,800) were higher than the Continental's first four.

That and all the new "M" prefix names instead of keeping old familiar names probably doesn't help either, along with a few years gap of discontinuing the Town Car then bringing back the Continental name.

26th May 2020, 15:30

The current Continental is seriously underrated. It's a very competent, modern luxury sedan. The reasons it's not selling well is probably complicated: Everyone is buying SUVs rather than cars and the new design looks nothing like the old Lincoln, which probably confuses people. Ford kept the old Continental in production unchanged for far too long. They should have continually updated the design to keep up with the other brands. To give Lincoln credit... they are at this point the only American luxury brand that has finally broke through and actually competing in their sector. Their SUVs are being well received and demand for them is pretty high.