13th Oct 2002, 06:54

I bought a used 1990 Continental Signature Series in 1991 with about 8,000 miles on it. In 2002, the car now has 190,000 miles on it, and is still running quite well. One of the best cars I have ever owned, even with the occasional problems. The air bag light blinked on/off from the day I bought the car. Ford refused to do anything about it (unless I paid for it). Now I see there were recalls on both driver and passenger side bags, just about the time I bought the car, but I never received a recall notice. I have replaced all four suspension bags, once. Just replacing the rotors and calipers for the first time. Intsrument panel dimmer quit about three years ago, so I drive without panel lights & instruments at night. They work fine in the daytime, when headlights aren't used. Can't find the problem to repair it. Electronic compass went "south" about two years ago. My MAJOR COMPLAINT, however, is that there is a 10" wide discoloration in the paint, over the passenger side of the roof. Trunk latch release solenoid quit about two years ago. Transmission disengages temporarily when I slow down to turn corners. It takes a couple of seconds to re-engage and then is fine. Basically, though, I love the car and am not looking forward to having to replace it.

2nd Dec 2002, 09:50

December 2, 2002

I bought my 1990 in 1999 (with "no" manual), I was told it ran "great" and it did for about 30 days. Then the problems started: suspension wouldn't rise, (front) bags went out so I replaced them. Head gasket went, so I replaced it. Now the heater core is out and I have no idea how to get the dang dashboard out to try and replace that. Not to mention that the check DCL light and check ride lights and bell ding constantly. Took it to a Ford dealer for the dinging, he told me to do myself a favor and take it to the yard (ha). The under coat has completely worn off (cracked and blistered) so I repainted. This car is an obsession of mine to repair. If anyone out there knows how to take the dash out, please send me an e-mail; tm33hank34@hotmail.com Much appreciations, I will name my first born after you.

3rd May 2003, 23:29

Hi, fellow 1990 Lincoln owner with the "Check DCL" problem, where the instrument panel light comes on and the dinging noise drives you crazy.

I have owned my Lincoln since 1991, and just started suffering from this anomaly. I am told that I need an "Instrument Cluster", which includes a Message Center module that is bolted on the back of it, and that it is the entire module for all the controls. This module is not available from Ford, and is likely only available in a junk yard. The Ford part number is E90Y10849AR. The labor to replace it, if this electronic component was available, is not supposed to be too expensive, since the module comes out as one unit, and does not require the dash to be taken off to reach it; at least that is what my Ford mechanic told me after running the check codes and identifying the problem.

Should you locate this part, let me know. I am just now beginning to actively search for it. I intend to take this car to my grave -- it would make a nice coffin one of these days.

Useful areas to purchase 1990 Lincoln parts:

http://www.fordpartsnetwork.com can quote much lower than dealer costs for all genuine Ford Motor parts.

JC Whitney: http://www.jcwhitney.com/ has a lot of parts available for the 1990 Lincoln Continental. I have the signature series 90 Lincoln.

Hope this helps,

Dennis Bragg

Richmond, VA


11th Jul 2003, 07:01

Hey, buddy I don't have any then to offer as help, but, maybe you can help me. I have a friend with the same deal happening to his car, we were wondering what DCL stands for and just how do you fix it? Thanks.

16th Aug 2003, 21:00

Try this web site, there are some good suggestions to check out for the Check DCL problem:

Just go to http://www.lincolnsonline.com and do a search on Check DCL.

Good luck.

13th Jan 2004, 08:30

Hello Lincoln Companions! As I write at this moment my 1990 Lincoln is in the shop... No heat. Just quit and it shall be below freezing tonight. Where to begin. I owned a 2001 Mazda before this and had transmission problems, couldn't afford to fix it, so I got rid of it. Now I own Connie. She beeped incessantly. Charge system light would come on and battery would charge up. Drove me insane. Then we checked the alternator plug, bent a few pieces here and there on the plug and she stopped. I said it was a miracle. Everthing else seems good. Locks work, doors shut, little rust. Car has to be running in order for the trunk to open. I have a check DCL light that comes on once in a while, but then goes away. The heat quit and on the way to the dealer my ride control light came on and now the car sits on the ground. I am praying for a leaky line. Because I know I can't afford to fix it if it is something major. If it is shocks or struts, she isn't going to the dealer to be fixed. So... is my trouble just beginning? I hope not. Connie will make it. At 123,000 miles she has no choice, but to pull through. Keep your fingers crossed for all of us Lincoln owners!

29th Feb 2004, 21:16

Hi all Lincoln owners. I too am having somewhat minor problems with my Lincoln. I am now going to replace my air suspension for standard shocks. Will update to tell how well it goes. It's a good car, but it has lots of problems to deal with and needs patience and money or a good mechanic friend.

10th Mar 2004, 11:43

I own a 1994 Lincoln Continental that has been very reliable. I've had my share of repair bills, but parts don't last forever! I have over 174,000 and the only problem I have now is that "Check DCL" light that comes on once in a while, then goes off after my panel flat lines. And I lose the air in my front shocks. Those are minor to me since I love the ride in the car. I had an accident with it a few years ago and was very well protected. I also own a 99 Navigator. The Lincolns, like all others, have their issues. Some times they make modifications that produce lemons for that particular year. My research has found there are very few problems after 1993.

4th May 2004, 07:48

Good luck finding a '97 Chevy Caprice cause Chevrolet quit building them in '96. And at least 50% of your complaints about the Lincoln are things that a test drive/inspection should have revealed, so why did you buy it???especially for $3500 which was a great deal--for the seller, that is!

30th Jul 2004, 11:45

I just moved out here to Las Vegas and I am 17. I love old cars like Cadillacs and Lincolns. I was about to buy a 1986 Cadillac Fleetwood D'Elegance the other day, but some other guy bought it first. BUMMER! Anywho, the salesman alerted me of a 1990 Lincoln Continental that he had with only 85,000 miles. I agreed to look at it, and after talking it over with my dad, we bought it. At only $2200, I thought it was a good buy. From what you guys are saying about the problems though, it seems I may be in for some trouble. I am hoping mine is not going to break down or something all the time, because in this day and age, I can't afford it.