31st Jul 2004, 09:55

Well the anti-lock breaking systems should work decent. But the abuse common to older cars of the late 60's (usually people who like to show others the 375 h.p. with burnouts) usually break down the features of the car. Lack of care. Now you speak of the car of not having a lot of power. Well, it sounds to me that the abuse put upon the car, wore down the power-plant. Back to the brakes- Chrysler had the first four wheel A.B.S. system in 1972 with the New Yorker I believe. The A.B.S. of the times should do as they were designed to work. Nice car. Hopefully you can restore it!

11th Jan 2005, 19:14

ABS was first introduced on the 1969 Lincoln - rear wheels only... but I believe it was in fact the first true ABS system on any car. Steve Ouellette (pronounced Wool-ette) at Baker auto is a Lincoln expert, and can sell you parts and manuals on this car - and its' ABS system. I have a 62 convertible, and he is second to none for parts and an encyclopedic knowledge of the car. And yes, they drive beautifully. Good luck!

12th Jan 2005, 11:21

Thank you all for your help. I will contact Steve Ouellette today. Thanks!

12th Apr 2005, 10:26

HAHA! I wonder how much that would cost... I guess I wouldn't care because I'd be dead.

23rd Sep 2005, 21:28

I would just like to add an interesting story. It was a late summer evening (3:00 a.m.) in L.A. in 1969. My band and I had just finished our gig at some club on Sunset Blvd. We had the gear loaded in the back of our Chevy truck, and 3 of us were cruising slowing back home in the center lane with all the windows rolled down. There was hardly any traffic that late at night. But up ahead we were slowly gaining in this beautiful shiny new black Lincoln Mark III. Funny thing I noticed right off was that it had out of state plates. As we slowly pull up side by side with this beauty (and me sitting at the passenger door side), who did we see driving this vehicle with two passengers beside him...? It was Elvis Presley out for a late night cruise. We were all just speechless...frozen. He looks over at us, smiles, waves a hello, and then slowly turns off on the next intersection. We were just awestruck, and couldn't wait to get home and tell the other member of the band. Gotta love those Black Lincoln Mark III's. Cheers, LG King, Bangkok Thailand.

27th Feb 2009, 14:12

I also own a black, black with red interior mark III. If you look in the reviews I have one in Mark III category. To me, black is the only choice for this car... well except maybe for a light blue, black top and red interior... Anyone heard of Frank Cannon by chance??

14th May 2010, 06:39

About a year before my dad died, he came home with a '73 Town Car as an "anniversary present" for my mom, but it was really something he always wanted. He saw one, low mileage, in pretty good shape (minor issues) and bought it. It was HUGE as a YACHT, and just as luxurious. Four years old, and the leather was glove-soft, and stilled smelled great.

I was 13 and I could sit in the back seat with my back against the seat back, and with my mom driving, could NOT TOUCH THE FRONT SEAT BACK WITH MY FEET! (I'm now 6'1", and I was not a tiny young kid.)

The one we had was Silver Blue "Moondust" Metallic, with Silver Blue interior, leather seats and door panels and nearly EVERY vertical surface, and a dark blue vinyl roof.

It had strange options which lead me to believe it was custom-ordered. It did have: Appearance Protection Group, Moondust Metallic Paint, Remote Control Right-Hand Mirror, Electric Rear Window Defroster, Power "Vent" Windows, Power Lock Convenience Group, Tilt Steering Wheel, the Six-Way Power Bench Seat, but >>NO<< cruise control, and the weirdest-- an A.M.-only 8-Track Quadrosonic Stereo (with NO F.M.!!), but with a power antenna!

God only knows if it had the "Traction-Lok Rear Axle" or "Sure Track Brake System" I think not, cause even on dry pavement, it would spin the wheels relentlessly, and even though as heavy as any car I can imagine, could be made to slide and swing its rear end out, provoked of course! >;-)

In the winter, when I started driving, we would take it to the skating rink after hours (which was the town park parking lot, drains plugged and flooded with a few inches of ice for skating) and see if we could get the thermometer-style speedometer to peg at the 120 MPH side. We did. It would bounce up and down wildly once or twice, and then settle at about 20 or 30 or 40 or 50. This car was massive, and had a 460 cubic inch (7.6 LITER!) 4 barrel, and it ruled the highways. Nothing stopped it! As the other guy said, it didn't so much drive as power glide. Unbelievable.

I want another.

23rd Mar 2011, 17:56

I have a 1971 Lincoln Mark 3.

Every time I put the key in the ignition it buzzes, when I cut the engine on it still buzzes while I am driving, never stops buzzing. I take the key out of the switch and it stops buzzing.

Is there anyone out there that can help me with this problem?

Thank for your help and may God bless.

Thanks again, Preston Manuel.

21st Feb 2015, 21:56

I own a 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark 3. Sometimes it stops for no reason. What is the matter?

And of course it's black; no other color will fit this car.

22nd Feb 2015, 20:17

Maybe it runs out of gas?

23rd Feb 2015, 04:15

Has the carb ever been rebuilt? Does it have the original fuel pump?

5th Feb 2018, 08:54

Sounds like the seat belt warning buzzer. I had the same issue after having seats re-upholstered. Guess I missed that wiring pigtail.

11th Feb 2018, 12:38

Maybe the door switch is defective. One of the first things I did in my cars back then was cut the wire under the seat. We took a loud buzzer completely out of the dash in a Range Rover. Looked like a big speaker. Buzzed over everything. Annoying. Some cars back in the day even had a high speed warning buzzer. That had to go.