20th Dec 2012, 19:04

A common replacement carb is the Edelbrock (can't remember part#) and there is a matching intake if you need or want one. I have that combo on my stock 460 Lincoln. Works really well.

2nd Mar 2013, 18:39

Please call me. I have a 79 Lincoln, where the lights have been "stuck up" since doing an engine rebuild. I thought it might be the air not being connected right, but I don't know. Anyone that can find a diagram, please call me at 561-870-7864 or email me at gogangmusic@gmail.com.

18th Apr 2013, 17:27

About 11 MPG highway and 8 MPG city.

22nd Apr 2013, 21:43

Just got a 78 2 door with the 460 to demo derby this summer. HUGE car!

12th Jul 2013, 15:19

Hi SS, one of the cars I currently own is a Midnight Blue Metallic 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car. In full sunlight it appears as a very dark blue. On an overcast day, in shadows, or at night it looks black. In my opinion, that's the best exterior you could get on one of these cars. Also has an Oxblood red leather interior.


13th Jul 2013, 11:34

I would go with a station wagon to absorb the big rear end hits. Engine size doesn't matter so much backing up.

14th Jul 2013, 00:00

Blue with red interior seems like a rare combo.

17th Jul 2013, 07:41

Could be dyed. My father had his white leather interior dyed from white to blue. He had Town Cars.

4th Oct 2014, 19:53

Going thru the same thing! There are 2 different arms. You must go to Carter for images!

3rd Jan 2015, 05:48

I got my four door 78 a month ago. Installed some 22 inch rims and cleaned her up a lil'. A very beautiful car. Now I want another one.

4th Jan 2015, 19:26

The stock rims, cleaned and polished, truly bring out the classic beauty of the car. Rides better with a fresh set of Michelins as well. My opinion.

6th Jan 2015, 23:32

I agree that stock rims and tires always look better. I rarely ever care for anything aftermarket. Designers spend years designing a car and all of the elements that make it up, making sure everything fits and looks right. In my opinion, aftermarket items just look like afterthoughts in most cases, and plain ugly in many. In the case of oversized rims and tires, even the behemoths of yore look too small for them. Any modern car from the last 35 years just looks ridiculous with them IMO, but there do seem to be a number of young people that like that look for whatever reason. Not only are they ugly to me, but they ruin the car's ride and handling.

7th Jan 2015, 08:56

Painting the chrome and going with a matte black or doing vehicle wraps also is a look I can't admire. Lowering or extreme high lifts also can be seen. Also seems commonplace on Crown Vics and Caprice full sizes. The Marks have a very unique and distinctive body design. We had a 73 in Silver. Laser straight and rust free body. Kept it totally original, like the day it left the factory. This model is still a piece of refined elegance, even today in stock form. Any aftermarket addons detract away from its design.

I own some classic cars. There are some cases where a car can be enhanced with hidden bolt-on upgrades. Such as braking. Or upgrading to a same year factory available option that doesn't exist on your model.

Aftermarket custom rims, even on late model cars, can actually lower the value as well. Spending thousands on rims with no return. If you are keeping a car for your own taste and don't care, it's a personal right. However I have owned many cars, and have learned that I may tire of them. With every custom touch, you can easily diminish the pool of interested buyers. Wild paint, scallops and wraps are not for everyone. Or high dollar custom wheels. Or a trunk full of speakers and TVs throughout a car.

I have found doing a car original can often be even more costly as far as correct period parts. It almost always is less expensive to buy the best one you can find up front. It's nice seeing genuine appreciation in a classic at a car show. Vs ones drawn to it more with curiosity on what happened to it as a wild looking custom. Going to a high tech modern drivetrain that still appears stock is cool. But this model stands out fine as is. Repairing any rust or body damage, and interior repairs will keep you busy enough. Good luck.

25th Nov 2015, 20:17

Vacuum leaks. The lights are held shut by vacuum, and it is stored in a cannister somewhere... I haven't bothered to find mine for my Town Car, but I've had such vehicles before. If the vacuum leaks... that is, air leaks INTO the system in those circuits, the eyes will open.

The automatic lights also like to malfunction, and may result in a dead battery even though the light themselves are "off" and "closed" after the delay. Nice little features when they work, but can be a P.I.T.A. to fix when they don't.

26th Nov 2015, 23:00

OK, I have had aged vacuum canisters in Corvettes and bad hoses. If there is a leak anywhere, no air is being stored in a canister. They may open slowly or not at all. And there is still a way to open, even with electric loss in newer ones with hideaways. You have to fix the leak or canister. Different car, but the exact same idea.