2000 Lincoln LS 3.9L V8 from North America


FORD started on the right track with this vehicle, but have not followed through with the Quality!


The car seemed to run and look fine when I took it for a test drive at the dealership, some of the minor issues I didn't really discover until a few days afterward...

The day I took the car for a test drive, the driver-side seat back was off and was told be the dealer that they would order a clip and replace it for me, so was that a sign? I wish I had done more in-depth research before buying this car.

I have experienced the fogged headlight issue as well. The rear license plate light (right side) is loose and hanging. The engine experiences sporadic messages in the message center such as "Check Engine Temperature", "Engine Reduced Power" and the temp gauge shoots all the way up past "H"! So that brings to mind that there is an issue with the thermostat. I have had to pull over twice so far because of this.

I have yet to experience the windows having issues, but after reading the previous comments, I guess I can either expect it soon or they have already been replaced.

The car sometimes "lurches" when I put it in gear from Park, so I hope that is not a sign of an impending transmission failure.

I love the looks and the handling of this car, and it runs great when it is running right, but I am getting nervous regarding this recent purchase. I have only had the car for just over a week, and I DID buy it used, but you think they would have fixed these issues. I am just thankful these are occurring during the 30-day warranty period and hopefully I can get them fixed.

Overall, I am sad because I love the looks and handling of this car, but these mechanical issues are out-weighing the fine points.

General Comments:

The car looks and handles great, however, the mechanical issues are starting to overshadow that.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2007

2000 Lincoln LS from North America


Not worth the money!


During the last two years I have spent over $5,000 dollars in repairs and put up with unsatisfactory technical support from the dealership performing the services on my vehicle.

In trying to get the proper repairs on my LS 2000, I have had a great deal of difficulty trying to get the simplest services done correctly. The vehicle has been in the service department more in the last two years than it has been on the road.

The problems with the transmission and the engine seem to be a systematic problem with this model Lincoln. Everyone I have come in contact with who owns a Lincoln LS has had the same issues with the irregular performance of this car and its continued chronic mechanical failures. The same problem with this vehicle throughout the nation is more than just an occasional occurrence, and is costing the people who own one of these lemons thousands of dollars in repairs.

At one of the dealerships which I frequent for service on this vehicle, I can say that as a customer and a mechanic for over 20 years in the United States Army, I have never witnessed such substandard service and lack of customer support in all my life!

After servicing my vehicle, I have had dirty oil finger prints on the seats, dash and doors. Screws not tight on items the service technician had to remove to do repairs, and my oil not at the proper level on a simple oil and filter change.

I had high hopes that this car would restore my confidence in the Ford Motor Company, but that confidence is totally destroyed.

General Comments:

Hope you have a big bank account if own one of these vehicles! You will need it for all the repairs!

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Review Date: 6th April, 2007

7th Apr 2007, 08:17

Why do you persist in using substandard dealerships? Try an indepenent shop. They charge less.