2000 Lincoln LS 3.9 from North America


Undependable beauty


The engine on this vehicle has had numerous expensive repair issues including: misfiring, overheating, engine chain replacement, window regulator issues (all windows), to name a few.

All beauty and no reliability. In a constant state of anxiety when driving just waiting for the next major break down for the check engine light to pop on again.

General Comments:

I purchased this car new and have put way too much money in it. I paid a premium for a luxury car, and received a very poorly engineered engine with a classy design.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2015

2000 Lincoln LS Sport 3.9 from North America


The best car I will ever own


Tires replace twice, brake pads once, coil packs started failing at time of sale.

General Comments:

Awesome car - I will NEVER own a car that is this comfortable or clever as long as I live.

The only feature I did not use was the rain sensing wipers... They were effective, just abrupt and annoying. All other features were exactly what I needed and worked exactly as they needed to. My favourite features were the automatic heated wiper parks (wiper blades NEVER iced up) and the easy access entry (I'm 170cm 65kg, but this was still awesome).

The driving comfort is unsurpassed in any vehicle I have owned or driven since, and I had no reliability issues aside from brakes and tires. I have nothing but regrets for selling this car!

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Review Date: 6th June, 2012

2000 Lincoln LS V6 from North America


I love it!


Had one ball joint replaced.

A couple of hoses.

Had a vacuum leak. It was rather expensive, as it was under the manifold.

Driver side seat belt doesn't always retract, and when I exit the car, it sometimes catches in the door.

That's about it. I have kept the oil changed.

General Comments:

I love the ride & handling.

It's nice & quiet. Very little road noise.

Decent fuel mileage.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2011

26th Jun 2011, 14:13

The Lincoln LS seems to be either loved or hated, with not much middle ground. These cars are awesome luxury cruisers with a lot of sportiness built in. The biggest drawbacks to the LS seem to be the Jaguar drive-train and the need for expensive premium fuel (Though premium makes any engine run better and have more power). Two of my co-workers have LS's and absolutely swear by them.

One word of caution: NEVER put 15% alcohol fuel in this car. Even the 10% most stations have now is not good for them. The 15% can actually result in some very hefty repairs down the road. If you can find it, non-alcohol premium fuel is what these engines were originally designed for.

Our family has driven Lincolns since 1984, but they have all been Town Cars until 2008 when we switched to the smaller MKZ. We have never owned an LS. Our experience with Lincoln has been flawless. Not one of them has ever required a single repair of any kind. The smaller front-drive MKZ is the best yet, even though it is basically a Ford Fusion with 10 grand worth of ego tacked on.

2000 Lincoln LS 3.9L DOHC from North America


It's a very reliable car


Well, I've had my Lincoln for over 5 years now, and it's never given me any problems until now.

The thermostat needs to be replaced, but that's it, it has 200k miles+ and it's barely given me a problem. I'm very satisfied with the reliability of my vehicle, I'm thinking of getting an '06, but still thinking. I've heard many people whining about their LS breaking down all the time, never happened to me :)

General Comments:

I like the handling, the ride comfort, the performance for a full size sedan, the looks of the car, the seats are comfortable, just love the LS.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2011

2000 Lincoln LS 3.9L V8 from North America


A beautiful, entertaining labor of love


2 window regulators.

Broken sway bar link.

Airbag light.

Moisture in headlights.

Moisture in taillights.

Radio mute button randomly activates.

Replaced tie rod.

General Comments:

Leather seats are supportive and comfortable.

Alpine radio is satisfactory.

Handling and braking are exceptional.

Engine output is satisfactory; sufficient torque across the whole powerband.

The body design is beautiful and elegant, but could use a little more flare to set it apart from other, more vanilla, vehicles.

Transmission shift schedule is thrashy, and seems as though lowering the shift point at full throttle could possibly make the car faster by keeping the engine within its powerband.

I've had this car since June of 2010, and it has been a hoot to drive/own. After 13,000 miles, I''m still just as enamored with it as I was when it was first purchased.

The interior is beautifully wrapped in leather, though the faux wood trim doesn't quite make the grade. The Alpine premium radio sounds great in comparison to the stock system, but falls short of a true Audiophile system.

As for overall quality and finish of this vehicle, I'm not especially impressed. Albeit this particular example of the LS has been treated like a queen since it was purchased, there have been a few unsettling instances where I really wonder whether I will be shopping for another vehicle soon. I have already noticed numerous other reviews of this vehicle, complaining about how poor these vehicles perform in relation to longevity; but I'm convinced that these people are only kicking themselves for not understanding what would be involved in the purchase of what is essentially an Americanized, British Luxury vehicle. I mean c'mon, everyone knows Jags are a pain in the keister, what makes one think that this one will not be.

Overall, I would say that the Lincoln LS is truly a budget luxury vehicle, all the way down to the cheap interior trim and underpowered engine. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING!

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Review Date: 15th March, 2011