2000 Lincoln LS V6 from North America


In and out of dealership for transmission delayed shifting.

Back window dropped down.

Radio screen went blank @ 45000 miles.

Roof padding fell off @ 35000 miles.

Control arm on the right replaced.

Control arm on the left replaced.

Left ball joint replaced.

Shocks replaced at 50000 miles.

Heater is broken.

ABS light is on.

Check engine light is on (for several years, paid mechanic to fix it $1300, but came back ON after a couple of months).

Stability control light is on (for several years).

Hand brake light is on (for several years).

Shocks replaced at 85000 miles (not carrying anything heavy, mostly one or two average weight person, and some groceries).

Car never saw snow. Good mechanics don't want to work on this car, it's a never ending story.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2010

8th Apr 2010, 16:42

"Check engine light is on. (for several years, paid mechanic to fix it $1300, but came back ON after a couple of months.) "

Wow, $1,300 for a check engine light related problem? I hope you inspected the bad parts or got a second opinion before paying that much for a fix. I would never hand over that kind of cash for one problem and not be well informed as to what the issue was. Apparently they had no idea what they were doing, or your light would not have come back on so quickly. I would have gone right back where you got it fixed for sure, and made them fix it again for nothing more.

2000 Lincoln LS 3.9 V8 from North America


Love Lincoln


Lincoln LS 2000 295.000 KM.

My driver side seat doesn't warm up...

My rear tires are coming out. Any ideas? Lincoln told me that it was my lower control arms are gone... I was thinking I need a wheel alignment done back, because my tires are blending, and every other month I need to buy new tires, that's my main problem, don't know what else I can do...

I also bought it over to another place, they are telling me to just do a wheel alignment?? Any suggestion??

Also got my check engine light on!!!

General Comments:

Love Lincoln, but I want this fixed. Do I call Lincoln, because I been reading on the recall for the 2000. Should I call them to get it fixed?

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2010

22nd Feb 2010, 11:09

Do a front and rear wheel alignment first. The car could have been pulled from the rear, like out of a ditch or something, and caused the rear to get out of alignment. You should hear noise like a stut gone bad if lower unit going bad. Hope this helps.

2000 Lincoln LS V8 from North America


Great car. Repairs are a little high, but well worth the pleasure of driving it


The car started losing electrical power and shutting down intermittently. The dealer replaced the alternator, and that seems to have fixed the problem.

The car started overheating intermittently. First the thermostat was replaced by the same dealership, but when it happened again, took it to a different, more reliable dealership that performed a pressure test, and found the expansion reservoir was cracked; replaced, and no more problems.

General Comments:

This car is a pure joy to drive. Handles well, plenty of power, surrounds you in luxury, and is comfortable.

If you can't afford a new luxury car, or like me, just don't want to pay the price for them, you can find a used LS for a great price, and start enjoying the luxury and enjoyment of this type of car.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2010

2000 Lincoln LS from North America


I hate this car, it's a money pit


What hasn't gone wrong with this car.

This car was previously driven by an elderly woman who owned the car since new for 8 years, and put less than 20K miles on it.

The first month I had it, the seat electronics stopped working. $500.

I can't remember all the different parts that have had to be replaced under the hood. One was something I read online that everyone had a leaking cap of some sort that created more problems in itself, brakes (not unusual with my commute), emission problem, tires worn on unusual side, had to replace all the coils 2 weeks ago, and some other part that was $2800.

FYI no warning lights on this problem. The car just would not make it up any large hills. This was just 2 weeks ago.. now.. 2 days ago, check engine line and overheat light, and now $1300 to replace coolant hose, with thermostat and water pump...

General Comments:

This car is a money pit. I have a 2001 Ford Mustang as well that now has 160,000 miles, and I haven't had to spend half the amount in 9 years of ownership than I have with this car in 2 years...

My Mustang is still running. I constantly service both these cars at 3,000 miles, and the Lincoln has something wrong with it every 2 months.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2010