22nd Jan 2009, 16:08

Wow, looks like all 2000 V6 owners have the same problems. At least I got a lot of laughs out of this website:

Issues in the past and current.

A/C doesnt work

Replaced 3 coils

Wheel bearings replaced

Front head lights fogged

Transmission issues since 60K (still running, but poorly at 115K)

Battery grounding issue - Screwed another bolt into the body to ground the battery

Engine lights, currently the air bag light

Chrome chipping off driver's side door

4 rear window regulators have been replaced and it still doesn't work

Lug nuts destroyed, crack in one wheel - replaced all the wheels since one wheel and lugnuts cost more than 4 new wheels.

Oil smell in cabin

Speakers sound terrible, had problems shortly after buying car at 10K

The car is just terrible, too bad the resale sucks. I think it is time to get of it...

27th Jan 2009, 20:39

I've had my 2000 LS now for 2 years. It has done well and I've only had minor maintenance. Other than the two back windows no working properly, everything was fine until the other day.

I had the thermostat replaced, so I thought my overheating problem was over, but that was the calm before the storm. It overheated on me yesterday, so I drove it straight to the shop. The people there thought I had blown a gasket. What I found out was it was my fan. The guy there told me that it would cost about $800 to get that fixed. I really hate to spend that kind of money on a car that old, but I only have a few more months left and I will be sooooo upside down to where it wouldn't make sense to trade it.

What to do? Has anyone else had problems with there fan? ebrooks7@yahoo.com.

3rd Feb 2009, 23:11

I have a beautiful 2002 V8 Lincoln LS -- I bought it with 17k miles on it and it was 1 yr old -- now it has 45k miles -- it is pampered, garage kept, washed weekly and I really only use it to run errands around town.

Just like a lot of this site, I also have foggy headlights, had check engine light on for a long time, airbag light on for a while -- took it to the dealership 3 months ago and got the check engine light and airbag issue taken care of... much $$$ spent...

As of the last month for no rhyme or reason, about 1/3 of time it will take 3 turns of the key to get the thing to turn over (new battery replaced 6 mos. ago) -- also, it might sputter around the parking lot after starting up. A few times it has even died on me after sputtering and hopping. This is the reason it was taken to the dealership -- they said oh yeah we can fix it -- well after looking at it, the diagnostic test shows that it is fine and they say it's starting up fine for them...

I couldn't wait to buy this beautiful luxury American car -- now I'm thinking of going back to a Japanese or German one -- at least they will hold their value and be dependable.

1st Mar 2009, 09:48

I just bought my 2000 LS 3.9 V8 last week. It looked brand new inside and out. Airbag light was on but seemed to be the only issue.

I needed dependable transportation.

This is totally not it. I am very upset that the first thing I saw was creamy light brown on the oil cap.

Said it needed oil change. Just got that done.

Then engine light came on after I left the shop, who charged me 70 bucks for an overall check head to toe on the car, and said it has a vacuum leak. The lower ball joints, and rotors are warped as well as the tires are pulling off of the rims. Rotors are rusty too they said.

All in all, if I give them 1100 plus or minus, they will fix those issues.

I got into the intersection and the car quit. I sat there blocking all traffic in front of the shop for like five minutes.

The car started right back up, and now the engine light is on again.

If I go over a speed bump, it feels loose and I feel like the front end is going to come out from under the car.

Even on the highway, I found it wouldn't turn and felt like I was sliding across the lanes.

I am scared to put people in the car, and also scared to drive it.

I saw one just like mine on ebay for 9900 give or take.

I'm thinking about doing that also and this time getting a Toyota.

I am checking on class action suit for all of you that have owned yours longer than me.

I know an attorney that is supposed to call me back Monday or Tuesday and will let me know.

If he says he will do it, I will give you all the info.

I wish I had known this before I bought this car.

It looks so awesome and I am so disappointed.

8th Mar 2009, 18:29

I bought a 2001 LS full sports package about 1 month ago for a deal, was told that the engine was just reworked and the work has a 3 month warranty. Glad I had that. Two weeks into it the engine was "overheating", even though the engine was still cold. I took it back and told them the problem, and they replaced the temp sensor in the engine and fixed a minor leak. When I reverse or put it in drive, it takes a sec to jump into gear and I have to get a mechanic to put in the power steering pump because the design prevents me from attempting myself. Email me about the lawsuit... wkroache@ymail.com

20th Mar 2009, 01:40

I bought my 2000 LS V8 with 39k about 3 years ago, so have been through a sh*t load of pads and rotors (lost count) drivers heated seat, countless left brake bulbs, ball joints.

It was sputtering between 40 and 50, took to Lincoln, they said it was coil #2, had it replaced and it started back up.

A week later, foggy headlight, cracked water reservoir, lug nuts, gasket, is just to name a few.

And Ford wonders why they are losing sales, MAKE CUSTOMERS HAPPY AND FIX YOUR F*** UPS!!!

I was looking to buy a Range Rover until I found out it was made by Ford, now I am looking at Infiniti, Lexus, or Acura. Hate to give my business to the Japanese, but they will keep more money in my pocket in the long run.

Also has anyone heard about a law suit against this ailing company? If so, please let me know jayh231@yahoo.com

And whoever is thinking of buying one, don't, they are beautiful to look at and drive if you can ever get it out of the Lincoln dealership.

20th Mar 2009, 22:21

I've read most of the post and have to add my 2 cents. I've replaced the window assembly. The replacement assembly is a better design than the original. Appears that Ford realized the original window regulator is crap and re-engineered the replacement part. My car has 190K miles and currently have air condition problems, rpm gauge was acting erratically and the car suddenly stop on me while on freeway. Sun roof stopped working, coil problems, etc... disappointed in Ford.