20th May 2004, 16:55

I also have a 2000 Lincoln LS...

My AC blows hot air out one or both sides. I have replaced the $33 cabin air filter numerous times - as the status control computer advises. If I raise the temperature setting up to 90 F for a minute or so and lower it back down, the dampers reposition and it blows cold for a random period of time. Sometimes a minute, other times ten minutes or on a lucky day a half hour.

We dread lowering the windows because last year the right rear window was lowered once (since we've owned it) to let a bee out of the car.

Yep, the regulator broke. Lincoln won't cover a car with 50k miles on it, so that cost $400.

In short, we prefer to sweat for a few minutes than risk the wallet on the power window reliability.

Lexus, here we come.

5th Nov 2004, 09:28

Where do I start? It seems that I have had almost all of the same problems including having the wheel almost fall off! All of the lug spoke broke-off except one while I was going to pick -up a Father's Day gift with my Mom in the car!

My warranty was up in July - I took the car in for an oil change and now I need new brakes and rotors - they supposedly replaced the rotors last October ('03) or 6,000 miles ago. (My "01 LS only has 40K miles on it). Of course Lincoln won't cover any of this and the cost is $890.00.

I'm taking the LS and the $890.00 to the Acura dealer this weekend. Wish me luck with my new TL!

26th Nov 2004, 17:18

Where do I start? I bought "my dream car", my Lincoln Ls, as a graduation present for myself after college in summer of 2002. It's a beautiful dreamy ride, every option, great get up and go. I absolutely love the look of it, but...

The problems I have encountered since the purchase are unbelievable for this so called "luxury ride." I have replaced 3 of 4 regulators for the windows, $250-$400 a pop. In addition, the driver door handle broke which was a whopping $800 to replace. I've spent $1800 on the front end wheel arms etc. Currently, the starter went out Nov.2004, the auto-track light is on and ABS light has come on as well. All of which happened just after warranty had expired.

For further info, a service dept. has informed me that the coils will be the next to go and to expect another $2000 to fix.

I thought spending good money on a luxury automobile would be worth it, but I'm starting to think Ford/Lincoln can't make a reliable car that lasts over 75K miles, luxury or not.


31st Dec 2004, 21:28

I can totally agree with most post here. I have a 2000 Lincoln LS. I have replaced both rear window regulators. Today while driving down the road my drivers side window falls down into the door. My gosh what else can go wrong with this car. It handles well and looks great, but that's about all the good I can say. Immediately after my warranty expired I had to replace the oil gaskets. That was a 1000.00 job. Now 3 window regulators, that's another 700.00+. Not to mention all the other things gone wrong. The worst part about it is that the parts are crazy/expensive. Break at the drop of a hat, but cost a ton to fix. I will never buy another Lincoln. Also there is no doubt in my mind the company is avoiding a recall on the door regulators. All of you that have no more warranty, get ready to spend some bucks.

22nd Feb 2005, 08:33

I have a 2000 Lincoln LS V-6 engine. My windows are falling. My check engine light stayed on 2 years and now is blinking on and off after supposedly having it fixed twice. My tail light keeps going out and cigarette lighter keeps going out. There is a knocking sound under the car of which the struts were supposedly replaced. We paid for all of that only to find that after driving off the lot all of the same problems were still there both times. I can't seem to get any help fixing my car or finding out why all of these problems are occurring.

16th Apr 2005, 16:03

I bought mine (2000 LS) used three months ago and love it, but am having the same window regulator problems as everyone else in this thread. Just replaced the front window regulator for $300. The people at the dealership recognized immediately what the problem was so I must not be the first to have it. Looks like this is going to be an expensive relationship which is too bad because this is a honey of a car.

28th Jun 2005, 10:45

I purchased 2000 Lincoln LS Sport V6, in June 2004 with 96,000 km. It came with 1 month dealer warranty and after the first day, the engine light came on. After several trips to the dealer to re-set a sensor, they discovered that the catalytic converter had to be replaced, at their cost. I have since replaced both back window regulators (cost of $600 Canadian). I have been noticing that the transmission hesitates when set in reverse, then "jumps" into gear. Today's diagnosis is TRANSMISSION problem - no quote given yet, but that it is very costly!! I am very disappointed with this vehicle!

24th Aug 2005, 17:39

I am an Owner of a 2000 Lincoln LS. My Driver's Side Brake Light has gone out. I realize that I need to change the bulb. Can someone give me some insight into how to change the bulb since I have never done this before?

23rd Sep 2005, 20:52

I have had a lot of problems with my 2000 Lincoln LS. The window regulators broke on the front driver and passenger side doors. The dealership charged $240.00 a piece to replace the regulators. It seems that I am always having problems with the engine. I have already replaced 6 engine coils at $250.00 a piece to replace. Now I have to replace the catalytic converters due to having so many problems with the engine coils. The Lincoln LS has 2 catalytic converters at a whopping $499.00 a piece! I can never these expensive replacement parts at a discount auto store; I always have to go the dealership. The heated seats have never worked properly and now I am noticing hot air coming from the vents.

Does anybody know the deal with the thermostat sticking? I had my stick twice on me within the last year. It was not a major deal, just made me late for an appointment because I had to pull over for about 30 minutes so the system could reset itself.

15th Nov 2005, 22:43

My Lincoln LS (2000) is a piece of junk!!! My window has broken twice, my thermostat is making it overheat, my front left wheel fell off one day, I've had to replace the ball joints at 60,000 miles. But it handles and looks sweeeeet! What else can go wrong with this car???

17th Nov 2005, 11:02

My 2000 Lincoln LS has given me the same problems posted here (hot air blowing through vents, wiper liquid not dispensing, transmission jerking, fogging front lights, rear brake light blowing out, driver side window regulator broke, replaced front wheel hub bearings, catalytic converter replaced). Now I'm dealing with squeaking brakes; I've had over 5 sets of pads on the car, but the brakes still squeak; and now my airbag light stays on all the time. The LS is a beautiful car and the handling is great, but the quality control sucks. There should have been numerous recalls on this vehicle.