29th Apr 2006, 21:12

2000 LS.

It seems that after reading other comments we all seem to share the same problems. Fogging headlights that are out of warranty, Brake rotors and pads replaced twice, window regulator shot in one rear window, front tie rod bushings replaced, 3 oxygen sensors and now one of the catalytic converters has to be replaced. 90k miles, I never had to replace a converter in two cars that I previously ran up to 170k. This car has quality control issues that Ford has never addressed. Agree with one other comment that a class action suit should be brought against Ford for the quality. Thought briefly about getting a new Zephyr, but was brought back to my senses when I looked at my Beautiful LS. IRJ.

17th Jun 2006, 15:11

I own a 2002 Lincoln LS and thought I was alone in these problems... comment after comment hit home here... replaced the front-end ball joints and arm asembly...replaced driver side regulator and motor.. replaced thermostat...repaced master door switch... now have to replace both catalytic converters... and I have to eat all of this because out of warranty... and ford informs me no call backs on 2002 Lincoln LS for these problems... class action suit... count me in.

1st Jul 2006, 18:41

I brought a used 2000 Lincoln LS V8 that now has 106,000 miles. So far I have replaced the passenger side window regulator, twice; driver side window regulator; 7 engine coils and the passenger side catalytic converter. Now my car is not going into passing gear and the air bag light stays illuminated. The heated seats never really worked. I have had nothing, but problems with this car. I like the body and style Ford offers, but the mechanical functional ability is less desired.

6th Jul 2006, 06:29

I have had nothing but problems with my '00 V8 LS since day one. I have replaced numerous coils, spark plugs, the transmission, driver side window actuator, rear passenger side actuator, suspension and countless other items.

It's to a point where I think the dealership should lease the car from me because they have it more than I do. Also, there is a whine that I liken to a whale that is in heat mating call. I am concerned that other Lincolns are going to start collecting around me while my car moans.

I bought the car because I thought it was safe and reliable, after all, it's a Lincoln. I have been a Ford man since I knew what a car was, but this has me thinking that the foreign cars are worth the price.

12th Jul 2006, 14:21

I'll be glad to join in the class action as well. I have a 2000 ls with 58,000 miles on it. Both rear regulators have broken, valve gasket has been replaced, radio has been replaced, fogged headlight as well. I will be polishing it up next month to see if I can find someone who buys a car for it's looks and name and not it's reliability. Almost feel guilty about it, but if Ford can look the other way then so can I. I had thought about the Ford five hundred, but then remembered who made my car and decided against it. Looks like a boring Honda or Toyota for me now. At this point in my life dependability means a lot more than styling.

15th Jul 2006, 10:52

Purchased my 2000 Lincoln LS in June of 2001. Have experienced many of the commonly reported problems such as falling front seat backs, fogged head lamps, two broken rear window regulators.

At 42,000 miles, a burning oil odor in the car interior led to warranty replacement of valve cover gaskets.

Engine light on at 55,000 miles was diagnosed as bad coils in three cylinders. Cost to replace was close to $700.00. Was told by dealer that oil leak from under valve cover shortened life of coils, and I can expect to replace more coils in near future.

Contacted Ford Customer Service Center and was told that coils were not covered. My position was that a defect in workmanship (oil leak) caused the coils to fail. Ford disagrees. I guess to Ford it is acceptable to have coils start failing at only 55,000 miles in a "quality" car like a Lincoln. I told them that I have been a loyal Ford customer for over 40 years, but this will be my last Ford purchase. I hope American car makers can make a come back, but it looks like it will take many years.

17th Jul 2006, 18:07

2002 Lincoln LS V8

Mine came out of warranty 2 months ago, and now at 47,000 miles both catalytic converters are being replaced. My mechanic said to take it to the dealer because he thinks there is a Federal law that it must be warrantied by the manufacturer for substantially longer. Also dealt with the foggy headlights, bad a/c compressor, driver's seat back fell off under warranty. And I'm going to have that window regulator problem everyone is talking about too because the drivers side window is making a snapping noise when closed. At least it looks nice!

22nd Jul 2006, 16:41

I too have had many of these same problems with my 2000 Lincoln LS V8. My transmission jumps at 40 mph, I already had to replace spark plug coils on numerous occasions, my ball joints on the front driver side have been replaced, and my 2 rear window regulators have been replaced. Also, I have problems closing the sunroof, I have to leave the car in neutral to keep it from cutting off at lights, my check transmission light comes on from time to time, and my check engine light has been on for over 25,000 miles. I was told I needed a new computer. We need to somehow get together for a class action lawsuit.

25th Jul 2006, 19:55

Like most of the owners of a Lincoln LS, my 2000 Lincoln LS has all the same problems that were mentioned in each of your comments, not to mention a leaking window, which I've had repaired twice.

I am currently wondering what could be done about the quality of this car. I have been mislead to believe that the Lincoln LS was a reliable car. I am so disappointed with quality of this car. I have had several major repairs and my airbag sensor light recently came on. Can someone suggest to me what to do, as I have spent a lot of money on my Lincoln LS as well.

28th Jul 2006, 10:43

I am so glad to have stumbled on this site. I have had the same problems with my Lincoln, and I'm glad I'm not the only owner who spends every weekend with the car in the shop, and the constant heckling from Honda-driving co-workers.

My Lincoln has had several coils replaced, ball joints replaced, fogged headlights, failed heated seats, failing rear window motors, whole fuel injectors replaced due to strong gasoline odor when starting it with a warm engine, and many other repairs I've since blocked from memory. I'm glad I purchased an extended warranty, but the diagnostic charges alone are mounting.

31st Jul 2006, 12:14

Had to replaced a rear regulator on my 2000 Lincoln LS and was worried based on this thread. Went to my local Ford dealer and found out a replacement regulator was only $77 Cdn. That is a far cry from what has been posted here! I have had my car for 4 years and this is only the 2nd item I had to replace the other being a wiper motor. Total parts for both repairs is under $200.