2nd Dec 2005, 01:49

I thought I had the only lemon out there we should file a class action law suit against the ford motor company.

3rd Dec 2005, 15:34

So you guys are all having problems with this Lincoln Model. Well its because it's a FORD!! What is it with Ford and lack of quality. I swear Ford builds nothing, but junk regardless of MSRP.

7th Dec 2005, 13:48

My window broke 2 weeks after I got the car got my oil changed yesterday now the emmisions light is on, car sputters and actually died. I am buying a new bmw!!!1.

30th Dec 2005, 12:17

I love My 2000 LS. Best car I ever had. Sure I had all the problems listed above - fogging lights, replaced window motors, bearings, power steering pump, entire new front end because they couldn't fund the source of a thunking noise - but this was all done at their cost under my 5 year warranty. I got a nice replacement vehicle during the repairs. It came back washed inside & out. Did I mention the sales person & service department are HOT babes? Oh well, on a darker note, my warranty is now over... what else can go wrong? Julian

1st Feb 2006, 17:24

My Lincoln LS has 86,000 miles and one owner. It has been garage kept and mostly highway driven. Now, it's falling apart. My rear differential and bearings are worn/broken. The car makes a high wheesh when accelerating. Lincoln tells me that the wheels will likely freeze soon if the differential is not replaced. Two independent mechanics say they have never seen this problem with a Lincoln, and the problem must be MANUFACTURER DEFECT. The repairs will be $2-3K. What to do? Does anyone have experience with Ford on problems like this? Can I risk buying another LS?

4th Mar 2006, 19:25

I've owned my 2002 Lincoln LS V8 for over a year now and I haven't had any problems...I'm a 20 year old kid and I absolutely love this car... I have personally replaced the brakes and tires on the car and that is it... The car has about 83K miles on it and runs like a champ... I even beat on the car every once in a while... I have no complaints and I will likely buy another...

To the guy who posted above me... Id recommend checking the fuses... because if all that stuff stopped at once its bound to be a fuse...

11th Apr 2006, 13:13

I bought my 2000 Lincoln LS V8 in October 2002 with 30k miles on it. As for the problems, the fogging light covers were replaced under warranty. At 73k miles, I replaced the valve cover gaskets at a cost of about $250. Also, I had a friend replace the window regulators on both rear doors. Including parts, it cost me about $100. At 81k miles, I had an exhaust manifold leak, which cost me about $200 to repair. Some of the time, the A/C will blow hot air out of the drivers side vents. Has anyone had this problem repaired and how much was the cost? At 86k miles, I still love the car and I still get 23mpg.

19th Apr 2006, 11:08

I bought a 2004 LS with just over 25,000 miles about two months ago and it has been in the shop three times since the purchase. The first break down was a computer chip failure, which caused the engine to terribly misfire, the the rack and pinion assembly had to be replaced and now it in in the shop because the catalytic converter has to be replaced.

All of this is under warranty and they give me a replacement vehicle, but it takes at least four days to get my car repaired because the parts all have to be shipped from Detroit.

If this is Ford's idea of quality, service and a luxury vehicle they won't be in business very much longer.

22nd Apr 2006, 18:00

We purchased our 2001 LS V6 in May, 2001 with 3400 miles on the clock. A "buy back", but we only found that little tid-bit out from the Ford lawsuit settlement years later... we did get $500 cash and several free services... Car is good looking and handles well, certainly the equivalent of some much higher priced Euro cruisers.

Litany of problems: front end alignment, replace CPU, both rear window regulators, wiring for driver seat and airbag (twice), both rear wheel bearings (high dollar item done on AWA), AC control failure (another high dollar done on AWA), front brake noise (I replaced them with Brembo discs and EBC "Greenstuff" pads for a total cost of $300) and, finally (hopefully), after five years and 134,000 miles, it is starting to overheat in SoCal traffic. Dealer is great and has fooled with it for several days on two occasions (at NO cost to me aside the inconvenience), but as yet the problem is unresolved. I am thinking of replacing that marvelous bit of over engineering, the hydraulic cooling fan, with an electrical unit from the wrecking yard. Car still gets 23 mpg (checked weekly) with the original spark plugs, COP's, cats, etc... so it ain't all bad!

22nd Apr 2006, 23:05

I have a 2000 LS V6 and man does has this car had problems. I bought it in 2000 with about 60 miles on it. First, of course, was the fogged headlights, which I've had replaced at least twice, then the airbag light stayed on and the dealership had to keep my car for about a week to fix it. It turns out it was a big problem with the engine. Lucky for me, I was still under warranty for those problems, but plenty more would come. And, of course, like the rest of us, my window regulators have broken and been replaced, the oil pan gasket had a leak which normally is an easy fix, but with LS you have drop the whole front suspension to get to it that's why it cost about $800 to fix (who built these cars anyways?-oh yeah FORD). Then my rotors and wheel bearings had to be replaced which cost an arm and a leg, now they are telling me my lower ball joints and rear tire rods need to be replaced and it will cost nearly $2000. I'm sick of this car, there are probably more problems that I've fixed, but just forgot because there has been so many, oh yeah-when my friend tried to open the passenger side door the handle ripped right off and was in his hand. Next car I buy is a Toyota or Lexus for sure.

26th Apr 2006, 20:14

The four months that I have owned this automobile have been quite an experience. I thought I was getting a great deal when this car was practically given to me by a close friend, but now I almost feel as if I was the one that did him a favor!

The car actually looks great; I think it has the best styling I have ever seen for an American auto. I feel it has a high-class look without being ostentatious. It handles well, and the manual T/M makes it an absolute joy to drive! The paint and interior have held up well despite being five years old with 105K miles.

After driving it for a few months I reasoned that I should cut my losses and try to sell it. After three months in the paper, two individuals looked at it without an offer. I tried to sell it to several dealerships, (Ford and Lincoln) hoping to get wholesale for it, I started to worry slightly when neither of them were interested.

I can confirm the following quality issues firsthand:

1) Window regulator failures front and rear (cost $750).

2) Oil pan leak-confirmed by Lincoln (cost $350)

3) Hydraulic fan motor leaking (cost $600)

4) Front lower ball joints worn out-confirmed by Lincoln (cost $750)

5) Auto wipers acting erratically.

6) Front speaker failure.

7) Interior lighting on dash and dome lights work intermittently.

8) Back covers of front seats have a tendency to fall off.

9) Hard to restart after engine is warm.

(The above list does not reflect the $2000 worth of service that was performed by Lincoln in the year prior to my purchase)

This car replaced a 1993 Acura Vigor, and from everything I have experienced so far this Lincoln is lacking in comparison by several orders of magnitude. My older Acura with over 150K did not seem to give me a fraction of the trouble in the 5 years I owned it. This experience has caused me to call into question how things could possibly be so different between the respective car companies. I find it completely unreasonable to conclude that the abilities of the employees between the two companies could vary so greatly, on the other hand I do not simply feel that Honda/Acura management has just been “extremely lucky” with their decisions and approaches to problem solving.

This car has made plain to me the rift that still exists between US and many foreign autos. Being an American I had high hopes that this car would restore my confidence it the American auto industry, it looks like I will have to wait a little longer to see the results. I sincerely hope Bill Ford can start to make good on his promises to improve his grandfathers company, but I will not be holding my breath.

I have already ordered a 2006 Honda Accord, and I am waiting patiently for its arrival in two months. This whole experience has proved to be quite a reality check for me. Ultimately I find it somewhat refreshing to have had the opportunity to make a decision without having to depend on the media.