6th Apr 2010, 21:16

I have a 2000 LS V8 with 73000k. My dad had it first since 2001, and gave it to me in 2006.

Well it's been a great car until two years ago. My check engine light has been on for two years, and hasn't gone yet. Since recently spending a total of $780, I'm not sure if it's worth replacing the cats est. $1200 - 2000. If that's what's even wrong with it.

I have replaced a coil, the coolant reservoir, brakes multiple times, heat regulator, both back window regulators, rotors, tire rods, and the list goes on.

So should I fix the car and keep it, or get rid of it? It really is a nice car besides all the recent repairs and undriveable condition right now.

15th Apr 2010, 03:35

Well after seeing all the negative comments about this car, I made the mistake of buying one. Had it one day and the A/C is trying to lock up, and Lr regulator stopped working. Car did make the trip home 200 miles with no problems. Wonder how I got such a good looking car so cheap? I think I may know the answer to this question. Live and learn I guess.

30th Apr 2010, 11:09

I got suckered into my 2002 Lincoln LS V. I liked it for the first year, then nothing, I mean nothing but ridiculous problems. It started with this creaky noise that the dealer said was just the body. Turns out it it was the ball joints. Then it was making this funny oil burning smell, that turned out to be a break in the power steering line. There's a leak somewhere in the passenger side door, which no one can find the source of where the leak starts.

3 out of 4 windows are messed up (either won't go down or won't go up), the transmission went up after the first year, the bottom side of the front bumper fell off, the middle console broke off, foggy headlights, had to replace the horn relay.

I hate this car... every single person I know who has or had one of these, mostly the 2000-2002 models, has the same exact issues! I wish I could trade or sell it, but I owe much more than people are wiling to pay. I'm stuck with it for another 3 years.

I know it'll probably never get to the civil action suit phase, but if it ever go that route, please e-mail me too... bhani_luvs_u@yahoo.com

12th May 2010, 14:34

I bought a 2000 Lincoln LS in 2004 with 25000 miles on it.

The car was great until 55000 miles. Then replaced lower ball joints and all ignition coils because of an oil leak.

The window regulator on the driver's side, oil pan gasket, air conditioning quit blowing, clockspring in steering wheel.

This has been the worst car I've ever had.

31st May 2010, 06:19

I bought my Lincoln LS new in 1999 - a 2000 model year when it was first released. It ran great until cooling problems started to surface at about 150k miles. Despite having everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) in the cooling circuit replaced (hoses, pump, sensors, central computer, radiator and expansion tank) it remained a problem... always over heating in traffic or even just unpredictably. Other than that, car ran great and just demanded the driver to be aware of its over heating foibles.

Call me nuts, but I kept the car and it now has over 300k miles on it. More importantly, FINALLY found the cure to the over heating problem. The dealer couldn't find it, by the way, and my mechanic only found it because I was looking to install a computer/ sensor by-pass thermostat system to engage the fan.

The problem? Unbelievably, it has to do with the power steering - the cooling fan is hydraulic and uses the same reservoir/ system as the power steering. It seems the switch in the power steering system releases the fluid when required to kick in the fan. It was this switch that was broken - and had been for years but nobody had recognized it because nobody (including the dealer) had connected the two as related.

(I gave the car to my wife for local driving and long distance highway - fine except if caught in traffic. She loves the thing and it is as tight and responsive as the day I bought it. With the "cure" now identified and fixed, there's no reason why this car won't run for many, many more years to come.

In the unlikely event that someone from Ford is reading this, I've spent thousands fixing this car for a stupid $20 switch that your engineering manuals and repair directives should have pointed out. It also highlights the incompetence of modern (dealership) car "mechanics" who are really nothing more than "unit replacement" numb-skulls - they'll swap-out things that are broken, but are incapable of actually researching what caused something to break in the first place. More importantly, and worse, they don't care.

15th Jun 2010, 10:47

I just purchased a 2004 Lincoln LS 2 weeks ago. The car seemed to be in immaculate condition with only 43k miles.

Already the check engine light is on, in only 2 weeks. I took it back to where I bought it from and they told me it is the cadalytic converters. They told me they could send it off to a Lincoln dealership and have it done or I could. I have an appointment with the dealership tomorrow.

Man I wish I knew this site existed.

18th Jun 2010, 16:00

I purchased a 2000 Lincoln LS in October of 2009. Where I bought it from had just replaced an air flow sensor.

So I have the car (completely paid for, no warranty) for about 5 weeks and EVERYTHING starts to go wrong. Another air flow sensor, both catalytic converters, both ball joints, the upper and lower are on the front passenger side tire, the manifold, the intake, and now the air is blowing hot, and another sensor, and the transmission is jerking when I put it from park to reverse, and reverse to drive.

All in all, so far I've paid $6200 cash for the car and spent another $5100 and parts and labor... this is BULL!!! Stay away from these cars!!!

28th Jul 2010, 19:10

Wow! Who knew that issues with the Lincoln LS were so common? I'm no happier about being an owner, but I guess it is somewhat comforting to know that I'm not the only one suffering from these issues.

I've owned a 2004 Lincoln LS V6 a little over three years now. For the most part, I've had no MAJOR issues. But I have experienced many of the minor hiccups that have been mentioned:

Foggy headlights

Seat warmer malfunction

Seat-backs falling off

Burning oil smell

Transmission skipping (or at least seeming to)

Replaced rotors

And I'm sure that's not all. Like many have said, you definitely fall for the classy and sleek look of the car. Only if you knew what you were getting yourself into.

My major issue right now are these cylinder coils or something to that extent. They first started acting up last year but not enough to replace any of them. Well now, my car has slipped into "Limp Hole" mode (where I can't accelerate) 3 times in the past week. Each time, I have to pull over and restart my car.

I take it to the dealership, and they want 1500 bucks for parts and labor to fix all the coils?!? I'm still paying for this car -- do they think I have 1500 laying around to put into it? I was kind of considering it, but reading these comments about how common the issue is has made me take a step back. I feel like if I fix that, then soon my ball points or catalytic converters will soon go as evidenced by the multiple comments.

Having been to this site now, I'm strongly considering to trade it in.