27th Jul 2009, 08:07

To the most recent poster.

You don't have to replace coolant and ATF often huh?

Well good luck with electrolysis and freeze plug replacements due to rusty coolant, and good luck with replacing that transmission due to contaminated ATF.

Have fun with that. Not EVERYTHING a dealer recommends is just them trying to make money. Coolant flushes should be done every year or 30000 miles no matter what you drive. ATF should be changed every 60000 miles as well. You being a seasoned mechanic for over 25 years or so, I'd expect you to know those basic maintenance techniques...

30th Aug 2009, 14:15

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my LS (Sassy). She does have some quality issues, but nothing compared to my Lexus IS (Don't believe the Hype).

I average 18 in the city and 26-30 on the highway. Depends on where I'm at, coming through GA where it's flat I unusually avg 28, in SC I get 26.

You can scoop one of these cheap, I paid for mine cash and have put more miles on it than I care to with the Lex (Lexey). The Lexus looks cool, but well it's a beefed up Corolla and you can tell (road noise).

Love em both, but believe it or not the LS (Sassy) takes first and Lexy comes in second.

28th Aug 2010, 13:50

We own a 2002 LSE, and love the vehicle. Have not had the first problem with it, has 68,500 miles on it, and on road trips, I have gotten 26 MPG. We are soon to leave Ohio for a month long road trip to California, and my honey will hum. By the way, just purchased new Mich. tires for her with the original set getting me 68,500 miles. I use nitrogen in the tires, and will swear by it...

13th Jul 2014, 05:34

Replace the fuel filter.

13th Jul 2014, 05:35

Get front wheel drive for snow.

13th Jul 2014, 05:43

I must say, I thought the same. Lexus, Toyota, Honda, BMW, etc. She wanted this, 93k miles, looks and runs like new. The interior, nice, drivability, nice.

Would I have bought it new? No. Would I spend $5k for this one? Yes.

So far, the complaints I've seen throughout the WWW, are issues that I would have been very upset with, had I bought new. But after investigating the real causes of most issues, cheap fixes abound! $70 for a set of 8 coil packs. Valve cover gaskets were already replaced. Change the trans fluid with quality Mercon V, Amsoil's best. Drive! A nice used car... worth every penny!

25th Jul 2016, 02:53

I don't know how I found myself here. But here I am. My 1st car was a 1968 Lincoln Continental. Bought used... What a boat! LOL, I loved the beast. My father owned the same & many Town Cars. Everything will fall apart, before that motor goes, same as above... I had a black Mark VIII, & loved it... I wanted another one... But it was time to sell the 97 Lexus LS 400, & she saw this 2002 pearl white Lincoln LS. It had 92K miles. I was against it. I lost.

I was thinking crap!!! But the truth is, all the problems have been minor & inexpensive to repair. A window regulator $65 X 2 delivered. About 2 hours for both. The A/C clutch went out, I opted for a new unit for $350 plus labor. Frankly, it's the cleanest, most well documented of faults, as people had no clue how to repair even the basics. People were said to pay $2500.00 for coil packs! Ignorance isn't bliss, it's costly! I think Amazon has 'em for $100 a set. Easiest car to buy for cheap. And if you know how to maintain it, it will very well outlast the new Cattlelack...