2002 Lincoln LS V8 from North America




Side rear window molding fell off. Nothing else of any importance.

General Comments:

This car is a serious alternative to any BMW 3 or 5 model. The handling is excellent, the pick up more than adequate the car, just wants to be driven.

I have had many sports sedans in the past - Cadillacs, Nissans, Toyotas, none of these can compare to my Lincoln LS. I love this car - for the money it cannot be beat.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2006

13th Jul 2014, 05:26

I'm going to change out the trans fluid with Amsoil for $90, and I'll be good to go for 100k. And no I won't sell it. But after reading what it did for taxis in Vegas for years, it's going in the L's.

2002 Lincoln LS from North America


Lots of mechanical defects.


I have had everything under the sun replaced on this car. Now my engine. I have not heard of this problem yet. But, yes my timing chain broke Christmas Eve it hit a valve, and something doing with the pistons, causing the engine to lock up, after being towed to the dealer. We have had all the minor parts replaced or repaired that others are complaining of. Just a couple of months ago they had to pull out the transmission and repair it. Thank goodness we bought a extend warranty good for 100K.

General Comments:

Although all the complaining I love my car and I am very disappointed that they are no longer making them after 2006. It is a very sporty car and handles great. There is no replacement for the Lincoln LS, I have had all the other comparing models and this is the best.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2006

23rd Jan 2006, 16:24

I have the lincoln 2002 ls v8 in black I would never buy it again or take it if it was offered to me for free. I have the car for 7 months and I can't wait to get rid of it. the front end had to be replaced at 45,000 miles and then the electronics went in side the car. the car is all over the road and it does not have good traction at all and is very unstable around turns especially when you apply gas.

20th May 2008, 07:46

I have a 2002 LS 3.9 and it is expensive. Took almost 2 years and $1500 to get the front brakes fixed. The windows have been a problem. Too many little problems for a car that expensive. I would never own another, and can see why Ford stopped producing it. Very poor gas mileage.

1st Dec 2008, 17:51

I purchased my 2002 LSE new and it has 112,000 miles on it. It is probably my 25th car and has been the best of all. My only problem has been the split heat/AC control went bad and it is $1,200 to fix, so I just do without that feature. Sorry for so many of you with problems.

2002 Lincoln LS LSE 3.9 V8 from North America


Great bang for the (relative) buck!


One headlight assembly was replaced under warranty due to condensation. No questions asked, they just did it.

One almost imperceptible paint blemish on the front bumper.

General Comments:

My wife has always gotten the new cars in the family (she commutes and I work and live in the same town.) As I reached one of those milestone birthdays, I decided to treat myself to something special. What was I going ot buy? I wanted four doors, reasonable horsepower, some comfort, but not at the expense of handling. I looked at Audi (the A-6, 2.7T) which I rejected as too expensive, Volvo S-60 AWD (basically a front-driver with "when you need it" AWD, Mercedes E430 (way too much money) and the BMW 540I (see Mercedes.) Then I drove and LS V8 Sport.

It took me another 4 months to decide, but I'm very happy with my choice. I bought a 2002 LSE and never looked back. The car is pretty much what I expected; very good, not great power; a firm suspension, but not overly harsh- riding; excellent weight distribution leading to balanced handling; a comfortable and reasonably well-appointed interior with a very good sound system by Alpine and a sporty looking appearance package that continues to draw complements wherever I go.

On the down side, the car gets very poor mileage around town (I'm lucky to see 14.5 MPG.) This is balanced by reasonable highway mileage (22-23 at or above 80 MPH.)

Other complaints are the "smarter than a human" computer that won't allow the transmission to stay in 1st gear at a full stop; the ease with which you can confuse the tranny into selecting the wrong gear and manual shifts that aren't quick or firm enough. I have to shift approx. 300 RPM before redline or the tranny won't shift before the engine hits the REV limiter.

I didn't, but it to drive all year (it's garaged all winter) nor did I care about trunk space or the supposed lack of storage since, if I wanted a pack horse I would have kept my S-10! For such a great highway cruiser though, they could have at least included a change holder.

Overall, I couldn't be happier. I have a car that I actually want to drive whether or not I've got somewhere to go. It wants to be driven hard, is rock-steady at triple-digit speeds and it's more comfortable than anything I've owned before. The car needs further refinement and Lincoln has already begun to address the car's shortcomings (gee, they actually listen to buyers!)

I think it's an excellent example of what can be built right here in the USA and I can't wait to see what this car becomes with another 2 or 3 years of development. Lincoln is definitely on the right track!

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Review Date: 30th July, 2003

3rd Aug 2005, 15:45

Nice review, I myself drive a 2002 LSE and find it to be a sadly overlooked entry into the market. You bring up a lot of the points I wish other people would see.

13th Oct 2005, 15:56

I've recently purchased a sleek black 2002 LS V-8 with under 36K miles. It has the sports package with chrome 17s and black grille. I drove a 2002 Mercedes E320 for a little over a week before finally going with the LS. I've received an overwhelming number of compliments from admirers from various walks of life... from snobs to good ole boys to homies, eyebrows were raised and head nods have been well received.

The only transgression at this point is the gas mileage. I also had an unfortunate experience with a back driver side passenger. I took my keys out and the automatic seat positioning feature buckled some legs.