2002 Lincoln LS V8 from North America


Sweet ride


Nothing yet!!

General Comments:

Nice ride, Very smooth and lots of nice features. Back seat is a bit to small as well as the trunk.

Otherwise fine.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2003

2002 Lincoln LS LS8 V8 from North America


Should've gotten a Lexus..


Air flow regular at 6k miles - engine wouldn't start.

Fog lamps shorted out at 8k miles.

General Comments:

I owned a Mark VIII before and loved it and since you can't get them anymore I thought this might be the next closest thing. I leased this car a year ago and now I can't wait for the lease to be over in 2 more years. One cold morning, at 6 months old & 5k miles on the odometer the engine just cranked and cranked and wouldn't fire. Had the car towed to the dealer and they claimed I flooded the engine! I didn't want to argue at the time, but I knew they just couldn't figure out what was wrong so I drove it off. Next week the same thing happened again, but I was 300 miles from home. Had the car towed again to a local Ford dealer where the problem was correctly diagnosed. Don't recall the exact name of the failing part, but it was something like an "Air Flow Regulator" - controls the amount of air going to the engine. They got the car running, but didn't have the part. Took it back to my dealer and they replaced it and now everything is OK with that particular issue. You just don't trust a car again after its let you down like that. I bought my wife a Mazda a couple of months before I got this Lincoln and it has twice the mileage on as my LS and has not had ONE problem. I hate to say it, but next time around I'm going to go Japanese.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2003

5th Aug 2003, 11:48

I'm with you on the Japanese crusade although I am looking at the LS, but Ford and Mazda are somewhat one in the same.

13th Apr 2005, 01:00

I think that the part you are talking about the is the IAC valve. This is a common problem on Ford cars. Most Explorers have this problem a lot. My Explorer has had three of them replaced in 2 years. The situation is more extreme when it is very cold outside. It is not really that big a of deal, just a hassle.

20th Jun 2006, 16:54

When you pay this much for any vehicle the last thing you want is hassles.

6th Oct 2006, 19:09

Who do you think owns mazda silly? FORD.

13th Sep 2009, 21:32

Just to let you people know, a Lincoln, Ford and a Mazda have the same parts.


13th Jul 2014, 05:48

Doesn't ford own Mazda?

14th Jul 2014, 01:08

Not anymore, fairly recently. The Mazda2 and Ford Fiesta were co-developed by the two, but Ford's sold its shares in Mazda.

2002 Lincoln LS LSE V8 from North America


It's a fine corporate car. Nothing more


Unfortunately the fuel pump (s) failed before the vehicle even reached 5,000 miles.

The electronic seat adjustment is in-consistent and requires routine re-adjustment!

CD player hates CDR's and sometimes it will play one, sometimes it won't. This is a problem for the type of work I am in. What kind of CD player these days rejects CDR's?!

Engine pings uphill and on rapid accelleration.

General Comments:

The Lincoln LSE will make do for now.

I get lots of comments on the design (the LSE is a bit pretentious looking, but that's fun, it looks like a hot rod)

The LSE, in particular, appears to have been lowered. I must use caution at almost every driveway because it will scrape on the ground!

I love the fact that the car rides HEAVY and feels safe.

I appreciate the placement of the easy to reach controls and I am extremely comfortable in the cabin.

I am dismayed about the engine pinging. The only time I have ever had an engine ping was driving a 4 cylinder using low octane gas. This is outrageous!

The PRIMARY reason I got this vehicle was to get out of my Ford EXPLODER. I felt that this would be a more reliable vehicle for my work related driving. So far it has proven otherwise. I would seriously consider returning the car if I could, especially after the fuel pumps failed and when the tow truck driver came, rolled his eyes, and said (before I even described the problem) "oh, I bet it's the fuel pump, you're not the ONLY LS I've picked up this week." Then, it was my understanding that the warranty for the car would cover all of this AND a rental vehicle. The customer service department at FORD was not properly trained on this product and it's warranty. The rep was not helpful. I had to spend nearly two hours on the phone. Finally, the FORD customer service rep said "oh, yeah, we were mistaken, we are supposed to pay for the rental car" We'll, they only paid for part of the rental, I probably need to spend another 2 hours on the phone to convince them that my car was REALLY in the shop for nearly a week.

I certainly hope that nothing else goes wrong, I just don't have the time.

The dealerships servicing the car have been great and want to make sure that I am taken care of.

I recommend the LS or LSE as a corporate "perk" car that my get turned in at lease expiration. I would not necessarily recommend investing personal hard earned money in this vehicle at this time. It's got a ways to go. I do not consider it a long term type of car. I feel that I'm driving a "beta" version.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2003

2002 Lincoln LS LS6 SPORT 3.0V6 from North America


Overpriced junk


Steering assy replaced at 800 miles.

Car vibrates at 60 mph.

Steering noisy at 1500 miles.

Water in headlight at 3000 miles.

Steering very noisy at 3500 miles.

Car uses 1qt oil every 600 to 700 miles.

General Comments:

Car looks good, but fit and finish is very poor for a 40000 dollar car.

Dealer service is very poor.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2002

13th Jul 2014, 05:53

That's unusual; 1 quart of oil for every 6-800 miles? Hmmm, strange. What kind of oil were you using? Grade? Brand? Type?

2002 Lincoln LS LSE V8 3.9 DOHC from North America


So far it is an almost perfect sports sedan



General Comments:

The car has reasonable performance (middle of the pack for a sports sedan) and handles very well.

The car is very comfortable and the cabin is quiet.

I think that it looks very good, especially with the LSE trim level.

The trunk is very small.

There were 3 small defects (grinder mark in edge of hood, slight welding spatter on drivers door under the handle, slight misalignment of one piece of body side molding). Not the end of the world (the dealer fixed under warranty), but not up to par with BMW, Lexus, or Acura.

I am very pleased with this car so far.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2002

18th Jan 2006, 04:09

I don't understand why people think this trunk is so small. I have golf clubs roller blades blankets baskets lots of stuff in the trunk of my LS its not supposed to be a town car.