2002 Lincoln LS V8 from North America


Beautiful car that costs a lot; looks good in your local FORD garage... that's where it will be


My LINCOLN LS V8 and the FORD dealership are breaking my heart! First week I owned it, windshield wiper arm broke off... during heavy rain (nice). Took three trips in to FORD to get replaced.

Several months later, the advance track (traction control) went out. I live in Minnesota... it was December. Took 2 trips to FORD to figure out what was wrong.

CD's started getting stuck in player. FORD checked it multiple times and said there was nothing wrong with it. After several more complaints, FORD sent in Alpine stereo to be fixed. My LS was supposed to be under warranty. They told me I would have to pay at least 10-15% of the cost of repair.

The day they had my car in the shop to re-install my radio, they brought it back to me and the A/C no longer worked. They were also supposed to change my oil and A/C filter. They didn't change the A/C filter, because they forgot to order it. I called them and asked if it was possible if they forgot to hook some wire back up causing the controls to not work. They agreed it was possible. Inspected wires and said my car, "must have fixed itself"! Awesome. Only the A/C still didn't work all the time. Once the car gets hot it kinda works in driver's side, then not at all. Not even the vented air comes in. I think FORD broke my A/C. They claim there is no way. But they had my car for just a few hours and the A/C had NO prior problems. Estimated repair $650.00. Very conveniently, my car is JUST out of warranty, too.

I went straight to my local FORD general manager and asked for his help. He offered me nothing. I told him I am 27 years old and this is my first and last FORD vehicle. I am very heartbroken.

General Comments:

I love the look and the feel inside and out of this beauty!

Handles beautifully and is fast! Get compliments on it all the time.

Just wish the mechanics lived up to my expectations of a LINCOLN.

I think my main problem is my local FORD dealership.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2006

11th Oct 2008, 10:14

I refuse to deal with a dealership! Find yourself a personal mechanic who knows what he is doing. Best thing I have ever done for my LS. He has it purring like a kitten!

12th Mar 2010, 08:56

I also have a Lincoln LS 2002. This car has low mileage and has been a pain from the day I bought the lemon. At 45000 mile the trans gave up. Then valve cover gaskets. The second summer from new A/C problems. Then front struts to stop the banging noise.

I was a proud new owner, but would never buy another after all the problems.



13th Jul 2014, 05:16

Sadly, it looks like the case of a dishonest mechanic and or service adviser. This is not just for Ford. Shops of all makes have dishonesty rearing its ugly head.

The LS does have problems not normally associated with Lincoln. But again, sadly ignorant owners pay $2500 for coils, when you can buy a set of 8 for $75 online.

The valve cover gaskets were faulty and leaked onto the coils. Hardly a difficult or expensive fix.

Overheating was usually caused by a crack in the coolant bottle. Water level low? Change the bottle for $60.

Window regulators, $75.

All in all, all the complaints I've seen are from people that don't know how to change their own oil, then run to a shop, that sadly takes advantage of them. I have had many shops attempt to defraud me, as there are times I don't feel like doing my own repairs.

Regarding this model, I have seen many posts regarding overheating & coils; in the end these people were paying 3000% more than they had to, if they had an honest neighbor, friend or mechanic, diagnose or fix it for them.

Yes, stop going to that stealership. I saw the B.S. as a kid at a dealership. The 1st guy you meet when you show up, is really just a salesman... beware.

P.S. ignorance is bliss, but very expensive.

13th Jul 2014, 05:23

Sadly many were told the trans is bad, when it wasn't... drop the pan, remove the trans solenoid pack, 7 screws, replace pan, fill, go. Very few of those trans go bad. It was usually due to burnt fluid. And the lack of an easier way to drain & refill. Many were told the trans is bad, replaced the solenoids $250, and charged $$$.

2002 Lincoln LS V8 from North America


Above average car, but be prepared for high maintenance investment


Air conditioning running hot usually when you need it the most.

Front bearings shot at 60K.

The car is rarely used for stop-and-go city driving, but the brakes and rotors have been changed twice within 60K.

General Comments:

Great running car when not in the shop.

Comfort is better than most in this class.

Doesn't have the "hard" suspension found on other cars in this class.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2006