2002 Lincoln LS Base 3.9L V8 from North America


Would be the perfect automobile if reliable


Driver's side rear window assembly replaced 4 days after owning the car.

Thermostat replaced twice.

Coolant fan & motor 55k.

Fuel pump at 60k.

Radiator at 60k.

CD Changer will stop working for months at a time.

Tail light has been replaced twice, also third brake light keeps going out.

Interior dash lights will stop working.

General Comments:

I'm so glad that I let the salesman talk me into the 3-year extended warranty. If not, I would have already put at least $5,000 dollars into this car.

I've only had this car about six months. It's been in and out of the shop due to an overheating problem. All of the sudden I'll hear this noise that sounds like a semi truck and my gages read check engine temp. My Lincoln has left me broke down or stranded on the side of the road many times. The service manager at my Ford dealer made it clear that LS's are temperamental and that I might want to get rid of it.

I'm still debating whether I should sell it when the warranty expires. After owning this car, it will be hard to find another one that can take its place. I looked at the CTS, which had cheap plastic interior and was not available with a V8 engine. I drove a Chrysler 300 V6 model for a while (the V8 being too expensive) and liked the LS a lot more. For what I paid for it, you cannot find another American car with rear drive, V8 engine with good handling, luxury interior or overall style that this one has. Plus Lincoln does not make rear drive cars anymore.

So my theory is that the Lincoln LS V8 would be the perfect car if not for the reliability issues. If you can afford to fix it, keep it. Otherwise, you will be forced to sell it.

I love the body style on this model and looks the best if car is black. Mine doesn't have the Select-Shift or the sports suspension, but wood grain steering wheel and shifter as well as the extra chrome on the front and rear bumper make it even better in my opinion!

Is this car fast? Yes and No. It is a big car, not on the inside but it has a long wheelbase. It has a small V8 which has 252hp. Off the line is nothing special, but highway performance is good. The more you gun it the faster it goes. Also, this car is definitely a drifter. It handles extremely well! Not in a sharp turn but more for high speed on twisty roads.

I was surprised at how many compliments this car received from other people. All in all, a perfect automobile except for the reliability.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2008

2002 Lincoln LS LS8 3.9L DOHC from North America


Good balance of luxury and sport


Other than normal maintenance, nothing has needed repair mechanically.

I did take out a speed limit sign with the driver side rear quarter panel. And cracked the front bumper going into the ditch. Drifting is fun, but expensive if you go to hard.

The trans could shift faster in manual mode.

General Comments:

The power is good for the displacement.

My LS has an aftermarket intake, no mufflers, just cats and resonators. I always run at least 92 octane. Eventually a SCT livewire tuner, 3 inch exhaust pipe, high flow cats and flowmasters

The handling is awesome. I can hit 65 on the get on ramp of the interstate before I am even on the highway. Sometimes even faster!

The interior is very comfortable and well designed.

The 120 MPH limiter is not so cool. But it keeps the people who can't drive 120+ from killing themselves.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2008