2002 Lincoln LS V8 from North America


I love the Lincoln LS


I have a 2002 Lincoln LS. I love the car; it drives and handles great.

There is always a problem with used cars, especially cars that can get up and go. People tend to dog cars out that have power.

I have had my Lincoln LS about a year. I had a problem with noise around the wheels. Lincoln dealer told me I need to replace my rack and pinion. The cost would be $800, yeah right I said. I went to auto repair shop in town. Cost me $110 to fix my car.

My passenger side window regulator broke. I went back to same repair shop and he replaced it with a used part and cost me less than $60. I called the Lincoln dealer just to see what it would cost; $600.

I haven't had any more problem yet, but if I do, I will not go to the Lincoln Dealer. To all of you, please stop giving all of your money away and find a good local repair shop. Every one knows the dealership prices are too high!

General Comments:

The Lincoln LS I think is very stylish and powerful car.

To me, it seems like some of you are going to the wrong repair shop if you keep on having the same problem over and over.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2008

2002 Lincoln LS LSE 3.9L from North America


With fewer defects, it's a wow


My car, totally my dream car; that was true until everything began to happen to it, and not over time, but ALL at once. First my brake lights went out, all at once. Second, my transmission began to have problems i.e. I would be traveling at 80 mph and the rpm gauge(tachometer) would go up and down all within seconds. Third, maybe the most important one of all, my car began having problems starting. The light where my alarm flashes wouldn't stop flashing until it wanted to. I could sit there for 20 minutes trying to turn on my beautiful car and then finally it would start when I would almost burst into tears from so much anger and frustration. Oh and if you think that's bad, how about the car dying on me as I was driving down the freeway at 75 mph with my child in the back seat; it just died right there in the spot; it didn't even give me a chance to pull over to safety. And yes, I too have the problem with my window regulators. Im just not too sure about how much in love I am with this car anymore. The previous owner was a lot smarter than I am. At least he enjoyed it but walked away before all the problems began.

General Comments:

I have to give it to the V8; I love how quick it picks up; I love how comfortable the seats are, how sleek the body is, how sophisticated and sexy and chic it is. It's a girl out on the town and business in the morning kind of car. My black on black is my black stallion.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2008

2002 Lincoln LS V6 3.0 from North America


Very dreamy car, but a nightmare to maintain


Purchased at 53,000 miles.

After 55,000 miles the driver side heated seat malfunctioned. Followed by the back window defroster. This happend once winter hit. (Go figure) These I have not had fixed yet.

Once winter hit the driver side ball joint area began to creek when turning. I had this diagnosed and the dealer suggested replacing the lower ball joint at about $700.00, reason being that the ball joint system is sealed and the only way to replace it is by replacing the entire lower arm. I refused and dealt with it however when temperatures warmed up the sound went away and has not been back since.

As soon as 63,000 miles hit the cruise control button malfunctioned and the air bag light illuminated. The culprit is the cheaply made plastic clock spring installed behind the air bag. As usual, dealer only item at $147.00. I have yet to find one anywhere on-line.

By 65,000 miles my transmission began showing symptoms of leaking. I have tranny fluid dripping down the driver side and during diagnosis at the shop the minimum cost to see what it may be will be around $600.00 since the transmission has to be removed from the Axel and engine to even see what it might be. (Also you cannot add fluid it is sealed down below)

Just recently I had new tires installed and the center caps on the premium rims are the very cheap plastic that cost around $80.00 to replace. Honestly I've seen Pez dispensers put together with more quality plastic than these center caps.

Another big peeve of mine with this vehicle is the lug nuts. When I work on it myself I am very careful at removing the lug nuts. However I believe that Lincoln happily choose to use these aluminum / tin capped lug nuts because over time they will strip thus resulting you to buying them from a dealership at $7.00 a piece. You cannot buy after market heavy duty chrome lugs anywhere not even tire places, on-line wholesale or e-bay.

As of now I'm praying nothing else happens. When I purchased the vehicle I bought a dealer service CD (The same info that Service Techs use at the dealership) I'm a car nut, I've restored vehicles and avoid the dealership at all cost because as you know they're very expensive if you do not have the warranty.

General Comments:

Although the many defaults I've had with it after driving it for 20,000 miles I really expected a lot more from the vehicle. Expensive cars like this should be build like the space shuttles. I love riding in it on road trips, and the attension it brings because lets face it these car are not everywhere. As it sits now I see that this car is a money pit, concealed by the LS's beautiful looks, luxury finish, and clean stainless underside the relaxes well on the jaguar chassis. I saw it as a masterpiece and with it's high performance abilities I love it. But my relationship with this car has not been a healthy one, therefore I will be divorcing it and once it's gone I will not be looking back.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2007

4th Apr 2010, 23:05

I have a 2002 LS.

I have replaced 2 window regulators, with another bad right now.

Just replaced the ball joints, sway bar bushings, tie rod ends, and still need to replace the sway bar links.

I have replaced 3 coils. The infamous PCV hose. All of the oxygen sensors 4ea.

Now the check engine light came on and the AC has quite working. After reading about the year models 2000 and up, I am very surprised that Lincoln has not had a class action law suit against them. Does anyone know how to get one started?