4th Jul 2007, 00:16

I want so badly to love this car. I have owned it for 3 years and it has been such a love-hate relationship. Steering knuckle, foggy headlamps, heated seats, window regulator, CYLINDER and injector replaced... Now the hydraulic fan motor AND CPU is bad? $1700.00. Ouch. I am ready for a complete separation! All cars have problems. But this beauty is so high-maintenance! I would not buy another one for any amount of money.

22nd Jul 2007, 20:14

I also have the problem with the rolling up and down of my driver window... actually today it dropped down and now it won't roll back up, sounds similar to the problems other people are having. Does anyone know the cost of having it fixed? I assume removal of the door panel is required, and getting the window back on track.

30th Jan 2008, 09:31

In July of 2002 in fell in love with a 2001 Lincoln LS. I now HATE the car. I have replaced three window motors, driver's seat motor, repaired the AC with the same problem I read (Heat blowing out right side) the driver's side door handle broke, and now the FRONT END is making a bumping noise. The headlight fogs up with the least amount of moisture. What is with this car? Are there any factory recalls on this LEMON?

30th Jun 2008, 20:55

I bought my 2001 V-6 LS in 2004 and love the ride, the look, the stereo, and have had relatively little trouble other then the following:

Rear window actuator broke. Brought it to Lincoln with after market extended warranty, they fixed it without following procedure with warranty company; cost me $600.

Coil packs on two cylinders went bad. Brought to different mechanic (never go to Lincoln ever again) got them fixed and covered, 2 months later two more coil packs went fixed and covered, then about 3 months later last 2 coil packs go and they are also fixed and covered.

Car is running great, but now the A/C is blowing cold, then hot, then cold, then only hot, and the car over heats. Brought it to my mechanic and the car does not over heat for him.

Thank the good Lord that I had an extended warranty that covered most things, but it is almost expired and I am very concerned about upcoming expenditures. All things being what they are, I don't think I would buy another Lincoln, let alone a Ford product.

22nd Oct 2008, 13:14

I bought a Lincoln LS 2000 V8 in 2006. Pretty much a piece of junk. Badly put together. I mean, come on! Tires falling out? Yes, both of the front ball joints went bad on mine and obviously on others all over the place.

Now my AC is blowing hot air.

One of the windows is bad. I tried working on it but check this out, the window has a metal cord pulling the window up and down along a metal track. Only problem that a child could have noticed is that the round pulleys that allow for the cable to move the window up and down are made of PLASTIC! They break over time and fall off the axle assembly, that's why some get that screeching noise... that means either the pulley has broken or the cable has fell off the pulley's groove because the groove walls have broken off.

I've changed the coils and spark plugs myself. But I have spent around $3000 since I bought it. Granted I bought it for $7000.

I vow never to buy pretty much any American made car... it's sad! What's the point of getting American cars because parts are supposed to be cheaper than imports when you end up spending much more to fix the damned cars! American vehicle manufacturers as in deep S%^T!

Although I must add just because I am fair, that Consumer Reports had an article where the new Lincolns (2007 and on) are in the top 3 for reliability... but if they don't last, then what's the point?

24th Mar 2009, 19:00

Ford should be ashamed of this car. Had the car since 2003 when it had 40K mileage, since then I have made God knows how many trips to the dealerships while under warranty, each trip I was treated like dirt.

I now have a LS (Lemon Special they all are not just mine) with 94K slipping trans, broke sunroof and door handle.

Recently I replaced the famous knuckle joint spindle whatever (2nd one replaced the first not under warranty). The well made piece of metal with a ball joint on the end cost $478 for the part alone... WHAT A RIP OFF, and the funny thing was they wanted to replace the other side too... ASHAMED FORD.

3rd Apr 2009, 16:02

I bought my Lincoln LS new in 2001. It was been a great car. I will agree with others about the windows, I had to replace two window assemblies. I went to this site looking for information about coil packs. My car is now missing and I was told that the coils are bad due to oil leaking from valve cover. But I have been happy with this car and would buy another one. Buy American!!!

13th Apr 2009, 10:04

My husband and I bought a 2005 Lincoln LS in Sept. 2007. Since then the car goes into "fail safe" mode and will not accelerate on the freeway. We have taken it to the dealership twice to have coils replaced, which were covered under a warranty or factory recall, but today it did it again, we just had it done the 2nd time a month ago. So it looks like we have to take it in a 3rd time... I will not buy another Lincoln or Ford product.

5th May 2009, 00:35

According to info on different sites:

1) Find out the torque value for the infamous spindle (s) and tighten each accordingly. A recall by Lincoln-Ford for the 2000 Lincoln LS specifies that this is due to ball stud nut (s) not being torqued.

2) I have a 88 Lincoln Continental SS, a sport-luxury model. It has a recall list "A-MILE-LONG". For those of you with coil -... ooops, got some PPI'S TO DO. BE BACK LATER...

7th May 2009, 23:42

2000 LS: In seven months I have replaced the following

1) Driver windows motor -- not too bad to do it yourself. You may have to drill out the rivets -- order the whole assembly on line. Dealers are almost double the price.

2) Passengers door handle --- snapped -- plastic --- getting to be an expert on removing the door panel.

3) Radiator reservoir --- not easy to get out -- but it can be done with some simple tools -- cost $120.00. Dealer wanted $200.00 - plastic box.

4) Now the car is blowing out hot air out of the passengers. Trying to figure it out which sensor it is --- my son loves this car -- he gets to drive my Mitsubishi as I repair the Lincoln.

16th May 2009, 00:26

I hate to brag, but I think I have all of you beat. I have a 2001 Lincoln LS and have pretty much rebuilt the car from the tires up. The sun roof leaked, the passenger window fell into the door and had to be replaced, the door handles fell off, and now the engine is overheating.

In July 2008, the engine ran hot and the air conditioning did not work, took it in to be fixed - $1200; in December 2008, the engine ran hot again and I had no hot air, took it in to be fixed, $3000 - yes, $3000!

May 2009, the engine ran hot again, and I had no air conditioning - $1200; one week later, engine ran hot again. It is now at the dealer, and they say that the head gasket is blown, and it's my fault. They want to give me $2000 for the car to - get this - trade it in and buy a new car from the same dealer.

The Lincoln LS is a beautiful POS and I see now why Ford stopped making them. The dealer is "trying" to work something out considering they're the only ones who have ever repaired the car, and it is now pretty much totaled because they obviously never fixed the underlying causes for the engine running hot. Obviously, this problem is indigenous to the car and not an individual problem. Shame on Ford and its dealers for not making a better product or figuring out how to fix the crap they made.