1979 Lincoln Mark V 400 from North America


Big, powerful, beautiful


Driver's window goes up, and not down.

Factory radio does not work.

Headlight switch also needs replacement.

General Comments:

Easily one of the nicest, most comfortable cars I have ever owned.

I use Shell, 91 octane, and can get 19 mpg. I think that's great considering most SUV's get 15 mpg.

Very reliable and gorgeous. The car is in excellent needing only a few cosmetics. I would recommend buying a Lincoln to anyone.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2009

23rd Jun 2009, 17:12

How do you know the window will go up if it won't go down??

23rd Jun 2009, 19:24

Best of the 70's luxury cars! I'm the proud owner of a '79 Town Car :) Mine runs very well but needs a repaint...

24th Jun 2009, 08:04

On your window issue, it sounds like you need to take your tracks out and clean/re-grease them.

24th Jun 2009, 11:01

While I am happy that you enjoy your Mark V, I doubt VERY seriously that you are getting 19 mpg on 91 octane in the underpowered and over emission controlled 400 CID. You see I own one and that 15 is a great deal closer to reality if you are REALLY light on the pedal. I'm not hating on the car, I love both my 79 and my 78 (which has the 460 cid, slightly more power, but equally emission controlled), I just believe your mpg calculations are a leaning slightly towards the fantasy mark. But when it comes right down to it, If you are driving one of these daily, like I do my 78, then you obviously do not care about mpg. I know I don't. Al Gore, and all the other environmentally religious followers know what they can do with themselves as far as I'm concerned. Keep your Mark running, if you ever wish to sell, contact me.

Michael.O Cohen


24th May 2016, 16:07

Definitely the best comment on here.

1979 Lincoln Mark V Collector's Series 6.6L 400 V8 from North America


My history on 4 wheels


My father bought this vehicle new. Other than routine maintenance and a carburetor rebuild in 1989, the car had no problems.

Upon receiving the car as a graduation present in 2001, I did a complete overhaul on engine and trans as well as the rear end, brakes and suspension systems.

Recently had car interior re upholstered and repainted with a new vilino grain top and trunk cover.

General Comments:

What can I say? I treat this vehicle as if it were a dear family member. I drive it only on the best days and on special occasions. Just about every waking moment of my young life is filled with memories of this beautiful sentinel. I don't think I could ever sell it. It would be too much like selling a part of my life.

The car has just about every option you could get in a Mark V of that year. (My dad did not opt for the C/B Radio, thankfully) I have the triple Midnight Blue with the crushed velvet interior and moonroof (really cool to have on a starry night).

Through the years I have bought other Marks from the 70's (7 total) all of which have been restored except for my 1978 Wedgewood Blue Luxury Group Mark V daily driver, and my current project 1975 Blue Diamond Luxury Group Mark IV (Not to be confused with the 78 Diamond Jubilee) I truly am obsessed with these cars I guess... But hey, I could spend my money on far worse things and not have the rep as that damn show-off kid and those big ass cars!!

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Review Date: 25th February, 2009

25th Feb 2009, 21:48

I too bought a mark V new in 1977. It was white with maroon half top and two tone maroon and white interior. Paid 12.500 for her with just about every option including the 460 motor.

But what really made the car was I had the 3 fins, the hump on the trunk, and the whole car from front to back, from the door down, was painted maroon to add a little different touch to the look. Also put basket wire wheels on it, and if I must say so, it was one of the most beautiful and classy looking cars on the road. I got stopped wherever I went and got compliments. Till this day I have never seen one that looked like mine in the color scheme that I did, or any other color scheme in the same way I did mine.

I have about 20 pictures of her, and to this day, every time I look at them, I wish I had her back. That car rode better than any car I have ever owned, and I have had 14 new cars in my day. Even in today's cars, the Devilles and Town Cars couldn't shine the Mark V"s shoes. That car was light years ahead of any car at the time.

I had it for 3 years before I sold it, but I would give my left arm to have it back now. They don't build cars like this anymore!!!